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type RegisterEABOptions

type RegisterEABOptions struct {
	TermsOfServiceAgreed bool
	Kid                  string
	HmacEncoded          string

type RegisterOptions

type RegisterOptions struct {
	TermsOfServiceAgreed bool

type Registrar

type Registrar struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRegistrar

func NewRegistrar(core *api.Core, user User) *Registrar

func (*Registrar) DeleteRegistration

func (r *Registrar) DeleteRegistration() error

    DeleteRegistration deletes the client's user registration from the ACME server.

    func (*Registrar) QueryRegistration

    func (r *Registrar) QueryRegistration() (*Resource, error)

      QueryRegistration runs a POST request on the client's registration and returns the result.

      This is similar to the Register function, but acting on an existing registration link and resource.

      func (*Registrar) Register

      func (r *Registrar) Register(options RegisterOptions) (*Resource, error)

        Register the current account to the ACME server.

        func (*Registrar) RegisterWithExternalAccountBinding

        func (r *Registrar) RegisterWithExternalAccountBinding(options RegisterEABOptions) (*Resource, error)

          RegisterWithExternalAccountBinding Register the current account to the ACME server.

          func (*Registrar) ResolveAccountByKey

          func (r *Registrar) ResolveAccountByKey() (*Resource, error)

            ResolveAccountByKey will attempt to look up an account using the given account key and return its registration resource.

            func (*Registrar) UpdateRegistration

            func (r *Registrar) UpdateRegistration(options RegisterOptions) (*Resource, error)

              UpdateRegistration update the user registration on the ACME server.

              type Resource

              type Resource struct {
              	Body acme.Account `json:"body,omitempty"`
              	URI  string       `json:"uri,omitempty"`

                Resource represents all important information about a registration of which the client needs to keep track itself. WARNING: will be remove in the future (acme.ExtendedAccount),

                type User

                type User interface {
                	GetEmail() string
                	GetRegistration() *Resource
                	GetPrivateKey() crypto.PrivateKey

                  User interface is to be implemented by users of this library. It is used by the client type to get user specific information.