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var (
	ErrStackUnderflow        = errors.New("DWARF stack underflow")
	ErrStackIndexOutOfBounds = errors.New("DWARF stack index out of bounds")
	ErrMemoryReadUnavailable = errors.New("memory read unavailable")


func PrettyPrint added in v1.0.0

func PrettyPrint(out io.Writer, instructions []byte, regnumToName func(uint64) string)

PrettyPrint prints the DWARF stack program instructions to `out`.


type DwarfRegister added in v1.0.0

type DwarfRegister struct {
	Uint64Val uint64
	Bytes     []byte

func DwarfRegisterFromBytes added in v1.0.0

func DwarfRegisterFromBytes(bytes []byte) *DwarfRegister

func DwarfRegisterFromUint64 added in v1.0.0

func DwarfRegisterFromUint64(v uint64) *DwarfRegister

func (*DwarfRegister) FillBytes added in v1.6.1

func (reg *DwarfRegister) FillBytes()

FillBytes fills the Bytes slice of reg using Uint64Val.

func (*DwarfRegister) Overwrite added in v1.7.3

func (reg1 *DwarfRegister) Overwrite(reg2 *DwarfRegister) *DwarfRegister

Overwrite takes the contents of reg1 and overwrites them with the contents of reg2 in little-endian order, returning a new register. The new register will always contain the complete contents of both registers, so if reg2 is larger than reg1, the final register will be reg2's size.

type DwarfRegisters added in v1.0.0

type DwarfRegisters struct {
	StaticBase uint64

	CFA       int64
	FrameBase int64
	ObjBase   int64

	ByteOrder  binary.ByteOrder
	PCRegNum   uint64
	SPRegNum   uint64
	BPRegNum   uint64
	LRRegNum   uint64
	ChangeFunc RegisterChangeFunc

	FloatLoadError error // error produced when loading floating point registers
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DwarfRegisters holds the value of stack program registers.

func NewDwarfRegisters added in v1.4.1

func NewDwarfRegisters(staticBase uint64, regs []*DwarfRegister, byteOrder binary.ByteOrder, pcRegNum, spRegNum, bpRegNum, lrRegNum uint64) *DwarfRegisters

NewDwarfRegisters returns a new DwarfRegisters object.

func (*DwarfRegisters) AddReg added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) AddReg(idx uint64, reg *DwarfRegister)

AddReg adds register idx to regs.

func (*DwarfRegisters) BP added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) BP() uint64

func (*DwarfRegisters) Bytes added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) Bytes(idx uint64) []byte

Bytes returns the bytes value of register idx, nil if the register is not defined.

func (*DwarfRegisters) ClearRegisters added in v1.4.1

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) ClearRegisters()

ClearRegisters clears all registers.

func (*DwarfRegisters) CurrentSize added in v1.4.1

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) CurrentSize() int

CurrentSize returns the current number of known registers. This number might be wrong if loadMoreCallback has been set.

func (*DwarfRegisters) PC added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) PC() uint64

func (*DwarfRegisters) Reg added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) Reg(idx uint64) *DwarfRegister

Reg returns register idx or nil if the register is not defined.

func (*DwarfRegisters) SP added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) SP() uint64

func (*DwarfRegisters) SetLoadMoreCallback added in v1.4.1

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) SetLoadMoreCallback(fn func())

SetLoadMoreCallback sets a callback function that will be called the first time the user of regs tries to access an undefined register.

func (*DwarfRegisters) Uint64Val added in v1.0.0

func (regs *DwarfRegisters) Uint64Val(idx uint64) uint64

Uint64Val returns the uint64 value of register idx.

type Opcode added in v1.0.0

type Opcode byte

Opcode represent a DWARF stack program instruction. See ./opcodes.go for a full list.

const (
	DW_OP_addr                Opcode = 0x03
	DW_OP_deref               Opcode = 0x06
	DW_OP_const1u             Opcode = 0x08
	DW_OP_const1s             Opcode = 0x09
	DW_OP_const2u             Opcode = 0x0a
	DW_OP_const2s             Opcode = 0x0b
	DW_OP_const4u             Opcode = 0x0c
	DW_OP_const4s             Opcode = 0x0d
	DW_OP_const8u             Opcode = 0x0e
	DW_OP_const8s             Opcode = 0x0f
	DW_OP_constu              Opcode = 0x10
	DW_OP_consts              Opcode = 0x11
	DW_OP_dup                 Opcode = 0x12
	DW_OP_drop                Opcode = 0x13
	DW_OP_over                Opcode = 0x14
	DW_OP_pick                Opcode = 0x15
	DW_OP_swap                Opcode = 0x16
	DW_OP_rot                 Opcode = 0x17
	DW_OP_xderef              Opcode = 0x18
	DW_OP_abs                 Opcode = 0x19
	DW_OP_and                 Opcode = 0x1a
	DW_OP_div                 Opcode = 0x1b
	DW_OP_minus               Opcode = 0x1c
	DW_OP_mod                 Opcode = 0x1d
	DW_OP_mul                 Opcode = 0x1e
	DW_OP_neg                 Opcode = 0x1f
	DW_OP_not                 Opcode = 0x20
	DW_OP_or                  Opcode = 0x21
	DW_OP_plus                Opcode = 0x22
	DW_OP_plus_uconst         Opcode = 0x23
	DW_OP_shl                 Opcode = 0x24
	DW_OP_shr                 Opcode = 0x25
	DW_OP_shra                Opcode = 0x26
	DW_OP_xor                 Opcode = 0x27
	DW_OP_bra                 Opcode = 0x28
	DW_OP_eq                  Opcode = 0x29
	DW_OP_ge                  Opcode = 0x2a
	DW_OP_gt                  Opcode = 0x2b
	DW_OP_le                  Opcode = 0x2c
	DW_OP_lt                  Opcode = 0x2d
	DW_OP_ne                  Opcode = 0x2e
	DW_OP_skip                Opcode = 0x2f
	DW_OP_lit0                Opcode = 0x30
	DW_OP_lit1                Opcode = 0x31
	DW_OP_lit2                Opcode = 0x32
	DW_OP_lit3                Opcode = 0x33
	DW_OP_lit4                Opcode = 0x34
	DW_OP_lit5                Opcode = 0x35
	DW_OP_lit6                Opcode = 0x36
	DW_OP_lit7                Opcode = 0x37
	DW_OP_lit8                Opcode = 0x38
	DW_OP_lit9                Opcode = 0x39
	DW_OP_lit10               Opcode = 0x3a
	DW_OP_lit11               Opcode = 0x3b
	DW_OP_lit12               Opcode = 0x3c
	DW_OP_lit13               Opcode = 0x3d
	DW_OP_lit14               Opcode = 0x3e
	DW_OP_lit15               Opcode = 0x3f
	DW_OP_lit16               Opcode = 0x40
	DW_OP_lit17               Opcode = 0x41
	DW_OP_lit18               Opcode = 0x42
	DW_OP_lit19               Opcode = 0x43
	DW_OP_lit20               Opcode = 0x44
	DW_OP_lit21               Opcode = 0x45
	DW_OP_lit22               Opcode = 0x46
	DW_OP_lit23               Opcode = 0x47
	DW_OP_lit24               Opcode = 0x48
	DW_OP_lit25               Opcode = 0x49
	DW_OP_lit26               Opcode = 0x4a
	DW_OP_lit27               Opcode = 0x4b
	DW_OP_lit28               Opcode = 0x4c
	DW_OP_lit29               Opcode = 0x4d
	DW_OP_lit30               Opcode = 0x4e
	DW_OP_lit31               Opcode = 0x4f
	DW_OP_reg0                Opcode = 0x50
	DW_OP_reg1                Opcode = 0x51
	DW_OP_reg2                Opcode = 0x52
	DW_OP_reg3                Opcode = 0x53
	DW_OP_reg4                Opcode = 0x54
	DW_OP_reg5                Opcode = 0x55
	DW_OP_reg6                Opcode = 0x56
	DW_OP_reg7                Opcode = 0x57
	DW_OP_reg8                Opcode = 0x58
	DW_OP_reg9                Opcode = 0x59
	DW_OP_reg10               Opcode = 0x5a
	DW_OP_reg11               Opcode = 0x5b
	DW_OP_reg12               Opcode = 0x5c
	DW_OP_reg13               Opcode = 0x5d
	DW_OP_reg14               Opcode = 0x5e
	DW_OP_reg15               Opcode = 0x5f
	DW_OP_reg16               Opcode = 0x60
	DW_OP_reg17               Opcode = 0x61
	DW_OP_reg18               Opcode = 0x62
	DW_OP_reg19               Opcode = 0x63
	DW_OP_reg20               Opcode = 0x64
	DW_OP_reg21               Opcode = 0x65
	DW_OP_reg22               Opcode = 0x66
	DW_OP_reg23               Opcode = 0x67
	DW_OP_reg24               Opcode = 0x68
	DW_OP_reg25               Opcode = 0x69
	DW_OP_reg26               Opcode = 0x6a
	DW_OP_reg27               Opcode = 0x6b
	DW_OP_reg28               Opcode = 0x6c
	DW_OP_reg29               Opcode = 0x6d
	DW_OP_reg30               Opcode = 0x6e
	DW_OP_reg31               Opcode = 0x6f
	DW_OP_breg0               Opcode = 0x70
	DW_OP_breg1               Opcode = 0x71
	DW_OP_breg2               Opcode = 0x72
	DW_OP_breg3               Opcode = 0x73
	DW_OP_breg4               Opcode = 0x74
	DW_OP_breg5               Opcode = 0x75
	DW_OP_breg6               Opcode = 0x76
	DW_OP_breg7               Opcode = 0x77
	DW_OP_breg8               Opcode = 0x78
	DW_OP_breg9               Opcode = 0x79
	DW_OP_breg10              Opcode = 0x7a
	DW_OP_breg11              Opcode = 0x7b
	DW_OP_breg12              Opcode = 0x7c
	DW_OP_breg13              Opcode = 0x7d
	DW_OP_breg14              Opcode = 0x7e
	DW_OP_breg15              Opcode = 0x7f
	DW_OP_breg16              Opcode = 0x80
	DW_OP_breg17              Opcode = 0x81
	DW_OP_breg18              Opcode = 0x82
	DW_OP_breg19              Opcode = 0x83
	DW_OP_breg20              Opcode = 0x84
	DW_OP_breg21              Opcode = 0x85
	DW_OP_breg22              Opcode = 0x86
	DW_OP_breg23              Opcode = 0x87
	DW_OP_breg24              Opcode = 0x88
	DW_OP_breg25              Opcode = 0x89
	DW_OP_breg26              Opcode = 0x8a
	DW_OP_breg27              Opcode = 0x8b
	DW_OP_breg28              Opcode = 0x8c
	DW_OP_breg29              Opcode = 0x8d
	DW_OP_breg30              Opcode = 0x8e
	DW_OP_breg31              Opcode = 0x8f
	DW_OP_regx                Opcode = 0x90
	DW_OP_fbreg               Opcode = 0x91
	DW_OP_bregx               Opcode = 0x92
	DW_OP_piece               Opcode = 0x93
	DW_OP_deref_size          Opcode = 0x94
	DW_OP_xderef_size         Opcode = 0x95
	DW_OP_nop                 Opcode = 0x96
	DW_OP_push_object_address Opcode = 0x97
	DW_OP_call2               Opcode = 0x98
	DW_OP_call4               Opcode = 0x99
	DW_OP_call_ref            Opcode = 0x9a
	DW_OP_form_tls_address    Opcode = 0x9b
	DW_OP_call_frame_cfa      Opcode = 0x9c
	DW_OP_bit_piece           Opcode = 0x9d
	DW_OP_implicit_value      Opcode = 0x9e
	DW_OP_stack_value         Opcode = 0x9f

type Piece added in v1.0.0

type Piece struct {
	Size  int
	Kind  PieceKind
	Val   uint64
	Bytes []byte

Piece is a piece of memory stored either at an address or in a register.

func ExecuteStackProgram

func ExecuteStackProgram(regs DwarfRegisters, instructions []byte, ptrSize int, readMemory ReadMemoryFunc) (int64, []Piece, error)

ExecuteStackProgram executes a DWARF location expression and returns either an address (int64), or a slice of Pieces for location expressions that don't evaluate to an address (such as register and composite expressions).

type PieceKind added in v1.6.1

type PieceKind uint8

PieceKind describes the kind of a piece.

const (
	AddrPiece PieceKind = iota // The piece is stored in memory, Val is the address
	RegPiece                   // The piece is stored in a register, Val is the register number
	ImmPiece                   // The piece is an immediate value, Val or Bytes is the value

type ReadMemoryFunc added in v1.7.1

type ReadMemoryFunc func([]byte, uint64) (int, error)

type RegisterChangeFunc added in v1.6.1

type RegisterChangeFunc func(regNum uint64, reg *DwarfRegister) error

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