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Package user ...

Package user ... generated version: unknown

Package user ...

Package user ... generated version: unknown


type IPostUpdateUserNameController

type IPostUpdateUserNameController interface {
	PostUpdateUserName(c echo.Context, req *PostUpdateUserNameRequest) (res *PostUpdateUserNameResponse, err error)

IPostUpdateUserNameController ...

type IPostUpdateUserPasswordController

type IPostUpdateUserPasswordController interface {
	PostUpdateUserPassword(c echo.Context, req *PostUpdateUserPasswordRequest) (res *PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse, err error)

IPostUpdateUserPasswordController ...

type PostUpdateUserNameController

type PostUpdateUserNameController struct {

PostUpdateUserNameController ...

func NewPostUpdateUserNameController

func NewPostUpdateUserNameController(props *props.ControllerProps) *PostUpdateUserNameController

NewPostUpdateUserNameController ...

func (*PostUpdateUserNameController) PostUpdateUserName

func (p *PostUpdateUserNameController) PostUpdateUserName(
	c echo.Context, req *PostUpdateUserNameRequest,
) (res *PostUpdateUserNameResponse, err error)

PostUpdateUserName ... @Summary WIP @Description WIP @Accept json @Produce json @Param Name body string WIP:${isRequire} WIP:${description} @Success 200 {object} PostUpdateUserNameResponse @Failure 400 {object} WIP @Router /service/user/update_user_name [POST]

type PostUpdateUserNameRequest

type PostUpdateUserNameRequest struct {
	Name string

PostUpdateUserNameRequest ...

type PostUpdateUserNameResponse

type PostUpdateUserNameResponse struct {
	Status  bool
	Message string

PostUpdateUserNameResponse ...

type PostUpdateUserPasswordController

type PostUpdateUserPasswordController struct {

PostUpdateUserPasswordController ...

func NewPostUpdateUserPasswordController

func NewPostUpdateUserPasswordController(props *props.ControllerProps) *PostUpdateUserPasswordController

NewPostUpdateUserPasswordController ...

func (*PostUpdateUserPasswordController) PostUpdateUserPassword

func (p *PostUpdateUserPasswordController) PostUpdateUserPassword(
	c echo.Context, req *PostUpdateUserPasswordRequest,
) (res *PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse, err error)

PostUpdateUserPassword ... @Summary WIP @Description WIP @Accept json @Produce json @Param Password body string WIP:${isRequire} WIP:${description} @Param PasswordConfirm body string WIP:${isRequire} WIP:${description} @Success 200 {object} PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse @Failure 400 {object} WIP @Router /service/user/update_user_password [POST]

type PostUpdateUserPasswordRequest

type PostUpdateUserPasswordRequest struct {
	Password        string
	PasswordConfirm string

PostUpdateUserPasswordRequest ...

type PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse

type PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse struct {
	Status  bool
	Message string

PostUpdateUserPasswordResponse ...

type Routes

type Routes struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Routes ...

func NewRoutes

func NewRoutes(p *props.ControllerProps, router *echo.Group) *Routes

NewRoutes ...

func (*Routes) PostUpdateUserName

func (r *Routes) PostUpdateUserName(p *props.ControllerProps) echo.HandlerFunc

PostUpdateUserName ...

func (*Routes) PostUpdateUserPassword

func (r *Routes) PostUpdateUserPassword(p *props.ControllerProps) echo.HandlerFunc

PostUpdateUserPassword ...

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