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func CreateShortenURL

func CreateShortenURL(c *gin.Context)

CreateShortenURL create shorten url

func Favicon

func Favicon(c *gin.Context)

Favicon represents the favicon.

func FetchShortenedURL

func FetchShortenedURL(c *gin.Context)

FetchShortenedURL show URL content

func Heartbeat

func Heartbeat(c *gin.Context)

Heartbeat for check server status

func Index

func Index(c *gin.Context)

Index represents the index page.

func IsInnError

func IsInnError(err error) bool

IsInnError is check error type

func NotFound

func NotFound(c *gin.Context)

NotFound represents the 404 page.

func QRCodeGenerator

func QRCodeGenerator(slug string) error

QRCodeGenerator create QRCode

func RedirectURL

func RedirectURL(c *gin.Context)

RedirectURL redirect shorten text to origin URL.

func ShortenedIndex

func ShortenedIndex(c *gin.Context)

ShortenedIndex index page.

func URLMeta

func URLMeta(c *gin.Context)

URLMeta for fetch metadata from URL


type FormURL

type FormURL struct {
	URL string `json:"url,omitempty" binding:"required,url"`

FormURL URL Struct

type InnError

type InnError struct {
	Code    int
	Message string

InnError is an error implementation that includes a time and message.

func (InnError) Error

func (e InnError) Error() string

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