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func WithConcurrentRequests

func WithConcurrentRequests(n int) option

func WithLogger

func WithLogger(logger log.Logger) option

func WithPercentiles

func WithPercentiles(percentiles ...float64) option

    WithPercentiles registers the percentiles to track, overriding the existing/default values. Reason is that Cloudwatch makes you pay per metric, so you can save half the money by only using 2 metrics instead of the default 4.


    type CloudWatch

    type CloudWatch struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      CloudWatch receives metrics observations and forwards them to CloudWatch. Create a CloudWatch object, use it to create metrics, and pass those metrics as dependencies to the components that will use them.

      To regularly report metrics to CloudWatch, use the WriteLoop helper method.

      func New

      func New(namespace string, svc cloudwatchiface.CloudWatchAPI, options ...option) *CloudWatch

        New returns a CloudWatch object that may be used to create metrics. Namespace is applied to all created metrics and maps to the CloudWatch namespace. Callers must ensure that regular calls to Send are performed, either manually or with one of the helper methods.

        func (*CloudWatch) NewCounter

        func (cw *CloudWatch) NewCounter(name string) metrics.Counter

          NewCounter returns a counter. Observations are aggregated and emitted once per write invocation.

          func (*CloudWatch) NewGauge

          func (cw *CloudWatch) NewGauge(name string) metrics.Gauge

            NewGauge returns an gauge.

            func (*CloudWatch) NewHistogram

            func (cw *CloudWatch) NewHistogram(name string) metrics.Histogram

              NewHistogram returns a histogram.

              func (*CloudWatch) Send

              func (cw *CloudWatch) Send() error

                Send will fire an API request to CloudWatch with the latest stats for all metrics. It is preferred that the WriteLoop method is used.

                func (*CloudWatch) WriteLoop

                func (cw *CloudWatch) WriteLoop(ctx context.Context, c <-chan time.Time)

                  WriteLoop is a helper method that invokes Send every time the passed channel fires. This method blocks until ctx is canceled, so clients probably want to run it in its own goroutine. For typical usage, create a time.Ticker and pass its C channel to this method.

                  type Counter

                  type Counter struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    Counter is a counter. Observations are forwarded to a node object, and aggregated (summed) per timeseries.

                    func (*Counter) Add

                    func (c *Counter) Add(delta float64)

                      Add implements metrics.Counter.

                      func (*Counter) With

                      func (c *Counter) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Counter

                        With implements metrics.Counter.

                        type Gauge

                        type Gauge struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          Gauge is a gauge. Observations are forwarded to a node object, and aggregated (the last observation selected) per timeseries.

                          func (*Gauge) Add

                          func (g *Gauge) Add(delta float64)

                            Add implements metrics.Gauge.

                            func (*Gauge) Set

                            func (g *Gauge) Set(value float64)

                              Set implements metrics.Gauge.

                              func (*Gauge) With

                              func (g *Gauge) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Gauge

                                With implements metrics.Gauge.

                                type Histogram

                                type Histogram struct {
                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                  Histogram is an Influx histrogram. Observations are aggregated into a generic.Histogram and emitted as per-quantile gauges to the Influx server.

                                  func (*Histogram) Observe

                                  func (h *Histogram) Observe(value float64)

                                    Observe implements metrics.Histogram.

                                    func (*Histogram) With

                                    func (h *Histogram) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Histogram

                                      With implements metrics.Histogram.

                                      type Percentiles

                                      type Percentiles []struct {
                                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                      Source Files