Package httprp provides an HTTP reverse-proxy transport. HTTP handlers that need to proxy requests to another HTTP service can do so with this package by specifying the URL to forward the request to.



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    type RequestFunc

    type RequestFunc func(context.Context, *http.Request) context.Context

      RequestFunc may take information from an HTTP request and put it into a request context. BeforeFuncs are executed prior to invoking the endpoint.

      type Server

      type Server struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Server is a proxying request handler.

        func NewServer

        func NewServer(
        	baseURL *url.URL,
        	options ...ServerOption,
        ) *Server

          NewServer constructs a new server that implements http.Server and will proxy requests to the given base URL using its scheme, host, and base path. If the target's path is "/base" and the incoming request was for "/dir", the target request will be for /base/dir.

          func (Server) ServeHTTP

          func (s Server) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

            ServeHTTP implements http.Handler.

            type ServerOption

            type ServerOption func(*Server)

              ServerOption sets an optional parameter for servers.

              func ServerBefore

              func ServerBefore(before ...RequestFunc) ServerOption

                ServerBefore functions are executed on the HTTP request object before the request is decoded.

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