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Package kivik

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Published: Dec 9, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
auth/basic Package basic provides HTTP Basic Auth services.
auth/cookie Package cookie provides standard CouchDB cookie auth as described at
authdb Package authdb provides a standard interface to an authentication user store to be used by AuthHandlers.
authdb/authgroup Package authgroup groups two or more authentication backends together, trying one, then falling through to the others.
authdb/confadmin Package confadmin provides an authentication service for admins configured in server configuration.
authdb/couchauth Package couchauth provides auth services to a remote CouchDB server.
authdb/usersdb Package usersdb provides auth facilities from a CouchDB _users database.
driver Package driver defines interfaces to be implemented by database drivers as used by package kivik.
driver/common Package common contains logic and data structures shared by various kivik backends.
driver/couchdb Package couchdb is a driver for connecting with a CouchDB server over HTTP.
driver/couchdb/chttp Package chttp provides a minimal HTTP driver backend for communicating with CouchDB servers.
driver/memory Package memory provides a memory-backed Kivik driver, intended for testing.
driver/pouchdb Package pouchdb provides a PouchDB driver for Kivik.
driver/pouchdb/bindings Package bindings provides minimal GopherJS bindings around the PouchDB library.
driver/pouchdb/bindings/poucherr Package poucherr exists only for the purpose of testing the PouchDB binding's handling of PouchDB-specific error messages.
driver/util Package util provides utility functions used by various Kivik drivers.
errors Package errors provides convenience functions for Kivik drivers to report meaningful errors.
proxy Package proxy provides a simple proxy for a CouchDB server