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Package i18n provides an Internationalization and Localization middleware for Macaron applications.

go get github.com/go-macaron/i18n

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This project is under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.



Package i18n provides an Internationalization and Localization middleware for Macaron applications.



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func I18n

func I18n(options ...Options) macaron.Handler

I18n is a middleware provides localization layer for your application. Paramenter langs must be in the form of "en-US", "zh-CN", etc. Otherwise it may not recognize browser input.


type LangType

type LangType struct {
	Lang, Name string

type Locale

type Locale struct {

A Locale describles the information of localization.

func (Locale) Language

func (l Locale) Language() string

Language returns language current locale represents.

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Suburl of path. Default is empty.
	SubURL string
	// Directory to load locale files. Default is "conf/locale"
	Directory string
	// File stores actual data of locale files. Used for in-memory purpose.
	Files map[string][]byte
	// Custom directory to overload locale files. Default is "custom/conf/locale"
	CustomDirectory string
	// Langauges that will be supported, order is meaningful.
	Langs []string
	// Human friendly names corresponding to Langs list.
	Names []string
	// Default language locale, leave empty to remain unset.
	DefaultLang string
	// Locale file naming style. Default is "locale_%s.ini".
	Format string
	// Name of language parameter name in URL. Default is "lang".
	Parameter string
	// Redirect when user uses get parameter to specify language.
	Redirect bool
	// Name that maps into template variable. Default is "i18n".
	TmplName string
	// Configuration section name. Default is "i18n".
	Section string
	// Domain used for `lang` cookie. Default is ""
	CookieDomain string
	// Set the Secure flag on the `lang` cookie. Default is disabled.
	Secure bool
	// Set the HTTP Only flag on the `lang` cookie. Default is disabled.
	CookieHttpOnly bool
	// Set the SameSite flag on the `lang` cookie. Default is unset.
	SameSite http.SameSite

Options represents a struct for specifying configuration options for the i18n middleware.

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