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Middleware pongo2 is a pongo2.v3 template engine support for Macaron.

go get github.com/go-macaron/pongo2

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This project is under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.



Package pongo2 is a middleware that provides pongo2 template engine for Macaron.



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func Pongoer

func Pongoer(options ...Options) macaron.Handler

Pongoer is a Middleware that maps a macaron.Render service into the Macaron handler chain. An single variadic pongo2.Options struct can be optionally provided to configure HTML rendering. The default directory for templates is "templates" and the default file extension is ".tmpl" and ".html".

If MACARON_ENV is set to "" or "development" then templates will be recompiled on every request. For more performance, set the MACARON_ENV environment variable to "production".

func Pongoers

func Pongoers(options Options, tplSets ...string) macaron.Handler


type Options

type Options struct {
	// Directory to load templates. Default is "templates"
	Directory string
	// Extensions to parse template files from. Defaults to [".tmpl", ".html"]
	Extensions []string
	// Appends the given charset to the Content-Type header. Default is "UTF-8".
	Charset string
	// Outputs human readable JSON
	IndentJSON bool
	// Outputs human readable XML
	IndentXML bool
	// Prefixes the JSON output with the given bytes.
	PrefixJSON []byte
	// Prefixes the XML output with the given bytes.
	PrefixXML []byte
	// Allows changing of output to XHTML instead of HTML. Default is "text/html"
	HTMLContentType string
	// TemplateFileSystem is the interface for supporting any implmentation of template file system.

Options represents a struct for specifying configuration options for the Render middleware.

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