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go-netty is heavily inspired by netty


  • Extensible transport support, default support TCP, UDP, QUIC, KCP, Websocket
  • Extensible codec support
  • Based on responsibility chain model
  • Zero-dependency



Quick Start

package main

import (


func main() {
	// child pipeline initializer
	var childInitializer = func(channel netty.Channel) {
			// the maximum allowable packet length is 128 bytes,use \n to split, strip delimiter
			AddLast(frame.DelimiterCodec(128, "\n", true)).
			// convert to string
			// LoggerHandler, print connected/disconnected event and received messages
			// UpperHandler (string to upper case)

	// create bootstrap & listening & accepting

type LoggerHandler struct {}

func (LoggerHandler) HandleActive(ctx netty.ActiveContext) {
	fmt.Println("go-netty:", "->", "active:", ctx.Channel().RemoteAddr())
	// write welcome message
	ctx.Write("Hello I'm " + "go-netty")

func (LoggerHandler) HandleRead(ctx netty.InboundContext, message netty.Message) {
	fmt.Println("go-netty:", "->", "handle read:", message)
	// leave it to the next handler(UpperHandler)

func (LoggerHandler) HandleInactive(ctx netty.InactiveContext, ex netty.Exception) {
	fmt.Println("go-netty:", "->", "inactive:", ctx.Channel().RemoteAddr(), ex)
	// disconnected,the default processing is to close the connection

type UpperHandler struct {}

func (UpperHandler) HandleRead(ctx netty.InboundContext, message netty.Message) {
	// text to upper case
	text := message.(string)
	upText := strings.ToUpper(text)
	// write the result to the client
	ctx.Write(text + " -> " + upText)

use Netcat to send message

$ echo -n -e "Hello Go-Netty\n\n" | nc 9527
Hello I'm go-netty
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type ActiveContext

type ActiveContext interface {

    ActiveContext defines an active handler

    type ActiveHandler

    type ActiveHandler interface {
    	HandleActive(ctx ActiveContext)

      ActiveHandler defines an active handler

      type ActiveHandlerFunc

      type ActiveHandlerFunc func(ctx ActiveContext)

        ActiveHandlerFunc impl ActiveHandler

        func (ActiveHandlerFunc) HandleActive

        func (fn ActiveHandlerFunc) HandleActive(ctx ActiveContext)

          HandleActive to impl ActiveHandler

          type Attachment

          type Attachment interface {

            Attachment defines the object or data associated with the Channel

            type Bootstrap

            type Bootstrap interface {
            	// Return context
            	Context() context.Context
            	// Create a listener
            	Listen(url string, option ...transport.Option) Listener
            	// Connect to remote endpoint
            	Connect(url string, attachment Attachment, option ...transport.Option) (Channel, error)
            	// Shutdown boostrap

              Bootstrap makes it easy to bootstrap a channel

              func NewBootstrap

              func NewBootstrap(option ...Option) Bootstrap

                NewBootstrap create a new Bootstrap with default config.

                type Channel

                type Channel interface {
                	// Channel id
                	ID() int64
                	// Close through the Pipeline
                	Close() error
                	// Return true if the Channel is active and so connected
                	IsActive() bool
                	// Write message through the Pipeline
                	Write(Message) bool
                	// Writev to write [][]byte for optimize syscall
                	Writev([][]byte) (int64, error)
                	// Local address
                	LocalAddr() string
                	// Remote address
                	RemoteAddr() string
                	// Transport
                	Transport() transport.Transport
                	// Pipeline
                	Pipeline() Pipeline
                	// Get attachment
                	Attachment() Attachment
                	// Set attachment
                	// Channel context
                	Context() context.Context
                	// contains filtered or unexported methods

                  Channel is defines a server-side-channel & client-side-channel

                  type ChannelFactory

                  type ChannelFactory func(id int64, ctx context.Context, pipeline Pipeline, transport transport.Transport) Channel

                    ChannelFactory to create a channel

                    func NewBufferedChannel

                    func NewBufferedChannel(capacity int, sizeRead int) ChannelFactory

                      NewBufferedChannel create a ChannelFactory with buffered transport

                      func NewChannel

                      func NewChannel(capacity int) ChannelFactory

                        NewChannel create a ChannelFactory

                        type ChannelHandler

                          ChannelHandler defines a channel handler

                          type ChannelIDFactory

                          type ChannelIDFactory func() int64

                            ChannelIDFactory to create channel id

                            func SequenceID

                            func SequenceID() ChannelIDFactory

                              SequenceID to generate a sequence id

                              type ChannelInboundHandler

                              type ChannelInboundHandler interface {

                                ChannelInboundHandler defines a channel inbound handler

                                func ReadIdleHandler

                                func ReadIdleHandler(idleTime time.Duration) ChannelInboundHandler

                                  ReadIdleHandler fire ReadIdleEvent after waiting for a reading timeout

                                  type ChannelInitializer

                                  type ChannelInitializer func(Channel)

                                    ChannelInitializer to init the pipeline of channel

                                    type ChannelOutboundHandler

                                    type ChannelOutboundHandler interface {

                                      ChannelOutboundHandler defines a channel outbound handler

                                      func WriteIdleHandler

                                      func WriteIdleHandler(idleTime time.Duration) ChannelOutboundHandler

                                        WriteIdleHandler fire WriteIdleEvent after waiting for a sending timeout

                                        type CodecHandler

                                        type CodecHandler interface {
                                        	CodecName() string

                                          CodecHandler defines an codec handler

                                          type Event

                                          type Event interface {

                                            Event defines user-defined event types, read-write timeout events, etc

                                            type EventContext

                                            type EventContext interface {
                                            	HandleEvent(event Event)

                                              EventContext defines an event handler

                                              type EventHandler

                                              type EventHandler interface {
                                              	HandleEvent(ctx EventContext, event Event)

                                                EventHandler defines an event handler

                                                type EventHandlerFunc

                                                type EventHandlerFunc func(ctx EventContext, event Event)

                                                  EventHandlerFunc impl EventHandler

                                                  func (EventHandlerFunc) HandleEvent

                                                  func (fn EventHandlerFunc) HandleEvent(ctx EventContext, event Event)

                                                    HandleEvent to impl EventHandler

                                                    type Exception

                                                    type Exception interface {
                                                    	// unwrap inner error.
                                                    	Unwrap() error
                                                    	// error message.
                                                    	Error() string
                                                    	// error stack.
                                                    	Stack() []byte
                                                    	// dump stack trace to writers.

                                                      Exception defines an exception

                                                      func AsException

                                                      func AsException(e interface{}, stack []byte) Exception

                                                        AsException to wrap error to Exception

                                                        type ExceptionContext

                                                        type ExceptionContext interface {
                                                        	HandleException(ex Exception)

                                                          ExceptionContext defines an exception handler

                                                          type ExceptionHandler

                                                          type ExceptionHandler interface {
                                                          	HandleException(ctx ExceptionContext, ex Exception)

                                                            ExceptionHandler defines an exception handler

                                                            type ExceptionHandlerFunc

                                                            type ExceptionHandlerFunc func(ctx ExceptionContext, ex Exception)

                                                              ExceptionHandlerFunc impl ExceptionHandler

                                                              func (ExceptionHandlerFunc) HandleException

                                                              func (fn ExceptionHandlerFunc) HandleException(ctx ExceptionContext, ex Exception)

                                                                HandleException to impl ExceptionHandler

                                                                type Handler

                                                                type Handler interface {

                                                                  Handler defines an any handler At least one or more of the following types should be implemented ActiveHandler InboundHandler OutboundHandler ExceptionHandler InactiveHandler EventHandler

                                                                  type HandlerContext

                                                                  type HandlerContext interface {
                                                                  	Channel() Channel
                                                                  	Handler() Handler
                                                                  	Write(message Message)
                                                                  	Close(err error)
                                                                  	Trigger(event Event)
                                                                  	Attachment() Attachment

                                                                    HandlerContext defines a base handler context

                                                                    type InactiveContext

                                                                    type InactiveContext interface {
                                                                    	HandleInactive(ex Exception)

                                                                      InactiveContext defines an inactive handler

                                                                      type InactiveHandler

                                                                      type InactiveHandler interface {
                                                                      	HandleInactive(ctx InactiveContext, ex Exception)

                                                                        InactiveHandler defines an inactive handler

                                                                        type InactiveHandlerFunc

                                                                        type InactiveHandlerFunc func(ctx InactiveContext, ex Exception)

                                                                          InactiveHandlerFunc impl InactiveHandler

                                                                          func (InactiveHandlerFunc) HandleInactive

                                                                          func (fn InactiveHandlerFunc) HandleInactive(ctx InactiveContext, ex Exception)

                                                                            HandleInactive to impl InactiveHandler

                                                                            type InboundContext

                                                                            type InboundContext interface {
                                                                            	HandleRead(message Message)

                                                                              InboundContext defines an inbound handler

                                                                              type InboundHandler

                                                                              type InboundHandler interface {
                                                                              	HandleRead(ctx InboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                InboundHandler defines an Inbound handler

                                                                                type InboundHandlerFunc

                                                                                type InboundHandlerFunc func(ctx InboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                  InboundHandlerFunc impl InboundHandler

                                                                                  func (InboundHandlerFunc) HandleRead

                                                                                  func (fn InboundHandlerFunc) HandleRead(ctx InboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                    HandleRead to impl InboundHandler

                                                                                    type Listener

                                                                                    type Listener interface {
                                                                                    	// Close the listener
                                                                                    	Close() error
                                                                                    	// Waits for this listener until it is done
                                                                                    	Sync() error
                                                                                    	// Nonblock waits for this listener


                                                                                      type Message

                                                                                      type Message interface {

                                                                                        Message defines an any message

                                                                                        Represent different objects in different processing steps, in most cases the message type handled by the codec is mainly io.Reader / []byte, in the user handler should have been converted to a protocol object.

                                                                                        type Option

                                                                                        type Option func(options *bootstrapOptions)

                                                                                        func WithChannel

                                                                                        func WithChannel(channelFactory ChannelFactory) Option

                                                                                          WithChannel to set ChannelFactory

                                                                                          func WithChannelID

                                                                                          func WithChannelID(channelIDFactory ChannelIDFactory) Option

                                                                                            WithChannelID to set ChannelIDFactory

                                                                                            func WithChildInitializer

                                                                                            func WithChildInitializer(initializer ChannelInitializer) Option

                                                                                              WithChildInitializer to set server side ChannelInitializer

                                                                                              func WithClientInitializer

                                                                                              func WithClientInitializer(initializer ChannelInitializer) Option

                                                                                                WithClientInitializer to set client side ChannelInitializer

                                                                                                func WithContext

                                                                                                func WithContext(ctx context.Context) Option

                                                                                                  WithContext fork child context with context.WithCancel

                                                                                                  func WithPipeline

                                                                                                  func WithPipeline(pipelineFactory PipelineFactory) Option

                                                                                                    WithPipeline to set PipelineFactory

                                                                                                    func WithTransport

                                                                                                    func WithTransport(transportFactory TransportFactory) Option

                                                                                                      WithTransport to set TransportFactory

                                                                                                      type OutboundContext

                                                                                                      type OutboundContext interface {
                                                                                                      	HandleWrite(message Message)

                                                                                                        OutboundContext defines an outbound handler

                                                                                                        type OutboundHandler

                                                                                                        type OutboundHandler interface {
                                                                                                        	HandleWrite(ctx OutboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                                          OutboundHandler defines an outbound handler

                                                                                                          type OutboundHandlerFunc

                                                                                                          type OutboundHandlerFunc func(ctx OutboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                                            OutboundHandlerFunc impl OutboundHandler

                                                                                                            func (OutboundHandlerFunc) HandleWrite

                                                                                                            func (fn OutboundHandlerFunc) HandleWrite(ctx OutboundContext, message Message)

                                                                                                              HandleWrite to impl OutboundHandler

                                                                                                              type Pipeline

                                                                                                              type Pipeline interface {
                                                                                                              	// add a handler to the first.
                                                                                                              	AddFirst(handlers ...Handler) Pipeline
                                                                                                              	// add a handler to the last.
                                                                                                              	AddLast(handlers ...Handler) Pipeline
                                                                                                              	// add handlers in position.
                                                                                                              	AddHandler(position int, handlers ...Handler) Pipeline
                                                                                                              	// find fist index of handler.
                                                                                                              	IndexOf(func(Handler) bool) int
                                                                                                              	// find last index of handler.
                                                                                                              	LastIndexOf(func(Handler) bool) int
                                                                                                              	// get context by position.
                                                                                                              	ContextAt(position int) HandlerContext
                                                                                                              	// size of handler
                                                                                                              	Size() int
                                                                                                              	// channel.
                                                                                                              	Channel() Channel
                                                                                                              	// serve the channel.
                                                                                                              	ServeChannel(channel Channel)
                                                                                                              	// internal use.
                                                                                                              	FireChannelRead(message Message)
                                                                                                              	FireChannelWrite(message Message)
                                                                                                              	FireChannelException(ex Exception)
                                                                                                              	FireChannelInactive(ex Exception)
                                                                                                              	FireChannelEvent(event Event)

                                                                                                                Pipeline defines a message processing pipeline.

                                                                                                                func NewPipelineWith

                                                                                                                func NewPipelineWith() Pipeline

                                                                                                                  NewPipelineWith create a pipeline.

                                                                                                                  type PipelineFactory

                                                                                                                  type PipelineFactory func() Pipeline

                                                                                                                    PipelineFactory to create pipeline

                                                                                                                    func NewPipeline

                                                                                                                    func NewPipeline() PipelineFactory

                                                                                                                      NewPipeline convert to PipelineFactory

                                                                                                                      type ReadIdleEvent

                                                                                                                      type ReadIdleEvent struct{}

                                                                                                                        ReadIdleEvent define a ReadIdleEvent

                                                                                                                        type SimpleChannelHandler

                                                                                                                        type SimpleChannelHandler = ChannelInboundHandler

                                                                                                                          SimpleChannelHandler defines ChannelInboundHandler alias

                                                                                                                          type TransportFactory

                                                                                                                          type TransportFactory transport.Factory

                                                                                                                            TransportFactory tp create transport

                                                                                                                            type WriteIdleEvent

                                                                                                                            type WriteIdleEvent struct{}

                                                                                                                              WriteIdleEvent define a WriteIdleEvent


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