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The lightweight and powerful web framework using the new way for Go. Another go the way.


  • Pure native, no third dependencies
  • Basic & Variables & Group router
  • REST-ful controllers
  • Binding
  • Middleware supports
  • Session supports
  • Rich Response supports


require latest


package main

import (

func main() {
	go func() {
		time.AfterFunc(time.Second, func() {
			response, _ := http.Get("http://localhost:9494")
			resp, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(response.Body)
	skr.DefaultApp.Get("/", func(ctx *context.Context) {
		ctx.Text("Hello world")



Package skr doc

A simple and lightweight web framework, pure native and no third dependencies.


package main

import (



func main() {

skr.DefaultApp.Get("/", func(ctx *context.Context) {
	ctx.Text("Hello world")




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var DefaultApp = New()


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type App

type App struct {
	ConfigFile string
	Config     *config.Config
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

App struct

func New

func New() *App

New return new App

func (*App) AddRouter

func (a *App) AddRouter(r ...*router.Router) *App

AddRouter Add Routers

func (*App) AddRouterGroup

func (a *App) AddRouterGroup(g ...*router.Group) *App

AddRouterGroup Add Group Routers

func (*App) Controller

func (a *App) Controller(c *App

Controller Route REST-ful Controller

func (*App) Delete

func (a *App) Delete(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Delete Route Delete Method

func (*App) FSResource

func (a *App) FSResource(fs *embed.FS, pattern, file, contentType string) *App

FSResource Route a resource

func (*App) FaviconFS

func (a *App) FaviconFS(fs *embed.FS) *App

FaviconFS Use Favicon FS

func (*App) FaviconFile

func (a *App) FaviconFile(file string) *App

FaviconFile Use Favicon File

func (*App) Get

func (a *App) Get(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Get Route Get Method

func (*App) Head

func (a *App) Head(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Head Route Head Method

func (*App) Middlewares

func (a *App) Middlewares() []middleware.Middleware

Middlewares Filter Middlewares

func (*App) Options

func (a *App) Options(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Options Route Options Method

func (*App) Patch

func (a *App) Patch(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Patch Route Patch Method

func (*App) Post

func (a *App) Post(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Post Route Post Method

func (*App) Put

func (a *App) Put(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Put Route Put Method

func (*App) RecoveryConfig

func (a *App) RecoveryConfig(codeName string, codeVal int, msgName string) *App

RecoveryConfig Sets Recovery config

func (*App) RecoveryHandler

func (a *App) RecoveryHandler(handlers ...func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

RecoveryHandler Sets Recovery handler

func (*App) Request

func (a *App) Request(pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Request Route all Methods

func (*App) Resource

func (a *App) Resource(pattern, file, contentType string) *App

Resource Route a resource

func (*App) Route

func (a *App) Route(method, pattern string, handler func(ctx *context.Context)) *App

Route Route DIY Method

func (*App) Run

func (a *App) Run()

Run App

func (*App) Use

func (a *App) Use(middlewares ...middleware.Middleware) *App

Use Middlewares

func (*App) UseFavicon

func (a *App) UseFavicon() *App

UseFavicon Use Favicon Middleware

func (*App) UseLogger

func (a *App) UseLogger() *App

UseLogger Use Logger Middleware

func (*App) UseRecovery

func (a *App) UseRecovery() *App

UseRecovery Use Recovery Middleware

func (*App) UseSession

func (a *App) UseSession(provider session.Provider, config *session.Config, listener *session.Listener) *App

UseSession Use Session Middleware

func (*App) UseStatic

func (a *App) UseStatic(cache bool, root, prefix string) *App

UseStatic Use Static Resources Middleware

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