Running integration tests

against DynamoDB local

To download and launch DynamoDB local:

$ make

To test:

$ go test -v -amazon

against real DynamoDB server on us-east

WARNING: Some dangerous operations such as DeleteTable will be performed during the tests. Please be careful.

To test:

$ go test -v -amazon -local=false

Note: Running tests against real DynamoDB will take several minutes.




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const (


	COMPARISON_EQUAL                    = "EQ"
	COMPARISON_NOT_EQUAL                = "NE"
	COMPARISON_LESS_THAN                = "LT"
	COMPARISON_IN                       = "IN"
	COMPARISON_BETWEEN                  = "BETWEEN"
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const (
	// DynamoDBAPIPrefix is the versioned prefix for DynamoDB API commands.
	DynamoDBAPIPrefix = "DynamoDB_20120810."
	// DynamoDBStreamsAPIPrefix is the versioned prefix for DynamoDB Streams API commands.
	DynamoDBStreamsAPIPrefix = "DynamoDBStreams_20120810."


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var ErrNoRecords = errors.New("No records")
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var ErrNotFound = errors.New("Item not found")

Specific error constants


func UnmarshalAttributes

func UnmarshalAttributes(attributesRef *map[string]*Attribute, m interface{}) error


type Attribute

type Attribute struct {
	Type      string
	Name      string
	Value     string
	SetValues []string
	Exists    string // exists on dynamodb? Values: "true", "false", or ""

func MarshalAttributes

func MarshalAttributes(m interface{}) ([]Attribute, error)

func NewBinaryAttribute

func NewBinaryAttribute(name string, value string) *Attribute

func NewBinarySetAttribute

func NewBinarySetAttribute(name string, values []string) *Attribute

func NewNumericAttribute

func NewNumericAttribute(name string, value string) *Attribute

func NewNumericSetAttribute

func NewNumericSetAttribute(name string, values []string) *Attribute

func NewStringAttribute

func NewStringAttribute(name string, value string) *Attribute

func NewStringSetAttribute

func NewStringSetAttribute(name string, values []string) *Attribute

func (*Attribute) SetExists

func (a *Attribute) SetExists(exists bool) *Attribute

func (*Attribute) SetType

func (a *Attribute) SetType() bool

type AttributeComparison

type AttributeComparison struct {
	AttributeName      string
	ComparisonOperator string
	AttributeValueList []Attribute // contains attributes with only types and names (value ignored)

func NewBinaryAttributeComparison

func NewBinaryAttributeComparison(attributeName string, comparisonOperator string, value bool) *AttributeComparison

func NewEqualInt64AttributeComparison

func NewEqualInt64AttributeComparison(attributeName string, equalToValue int64) *AttributeComparison

func NewEqualStringAttributeComparison

func NewEqualStringAttributeComparison(attributeName string, equalToValue string) *AttributeComparison

func NewNumericAttributeComparison

func NewNumericAttributeComparison(attributeName string, comparisonOperator string, value int64) *AttributeComparison

func NewStringAttributeComparison

func NewStringAttributeComparison(attributeName string, comparisonOperator string, value string) *AttributeComparison

type AttributeDefinitionT

type AttributeDefinitionT struct {
	Name string `json:"AttributeName"`
	Type string `json:"AttributeType"`

func (*AttributeDefinitionT) GetEmptyAttribute

func (a *AttributeDefinitionT) GetEmptyAttribute() *Attribute

type BatchGetItem

type BatchGetItem struct {
	Server *Server
	Keys   map[*Table][]Key

func (*BatchGetItem) AddTable

func (batchGetItem *BatchGetItem) AddTable(t *Table, keys *[]Key) *BatchGetItem

func (*BatchGetItem) Execute

func (batchGetItem *BatchGetItem) Execute() (map[string][]map[string]*Attribute, error)

type BatchWriteItem

type BatchWriteItem struct {
	Server      *Server
	ItemActions map[*Table]map[string][][]Attribute

func (*BatchWriteItem) AddTable

func (batchWriteItem *BatchWriteItem) AddTable(t *Table, itemActions *map[string][][]Attribute) *BatchWriteItem

func (*BatchWriteItem) Execute

func (batchWriteItem *BatchWriteItem) Execute() (map[string]interface{}, error)

type Error

type Error struct {
	StatusCode int // HTTP status code (200, 403, ...)
	Status     string
	Code       string // Dynamodb error code ("MalformedQueryString", ...)
	Message    string // The human-oriented error message

Error represents an error in an operation with Dynamodb (following goamz/s3)

func (*Error) Error

func (e *Error) Error() string

type GlobalSecondaryIndexT

type GlobalSecondaryIndexT struct {
	IndexName             string
	IndexSizeBytes        int64
	ItemCount             int64
	KeySchema             []KeySchemaT
	Projection            ProjectionT
	ProvisionedThroughput ProvisionedThroughputT

type Key

type Key struct {
	HashKey  string
	RangeKey string

type KeySchemaT

type KeySchemaT struct {
	AttributeName string
	KeyType       string

type LocalSecondaryIndexT

type LocalSecondaryIndexT struct {
	IndexName      string
	IndexSizeBytes int64
	ItemCount      int64
	KeySchema      []KeySchemaT
	Projection     ProjectionT

type PrimaryKey

type PrimaryKey struct {
	KeyAttribute   *Attribute
	RangeAttribute *Attribute

func (*PrimaryKey) Clone

func (k *PrimaryKey) Clone(h string, r string) []Attribute

Useful when you may have many goroutines using a primary key, so they don't fuxor up your values.

func (*PrimaryKey) HasRange

func (k *PrimaryKey) HasRange() bool

type ProjectionT

type ProjectionT struct {
	ProjectionType string

type ProvisionedThroughputT

type ProvisionedThroughputT struct {
	NumberOfDecreasesToday int64
	ReadCapacityUnits      int64
	WriteCapacityUnits     int64

type Query

type Query struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewEmptyQuery

func NewEmptyQuery() *Query

func NewQuery

func NewQuery(t *Table) *Query

func (*Query) AddAttributesToGet

func (q *Query) AddAttributesToGet(attributes []string)

func (*Query) AddConditionExpression

func (q *Query) AddConditionExpression(expression string)

Add the ConditionExpression parameter, used in UpdateItem queries.

func (*Query) AddCreateRequestTable

func (q *Query) AddCreateRequestTable(description TableDescriptionT)

func (*Query) AddDeleteRequestTable

func (q *Query) AddDeleteRequestTable(description TableDescriptionT)

func (*Query) AddExclusiveStartShardId

func (q *Query) AddExclusiveStartShardId(shardId string)

func (*Query) AddExclusiveStartStreamArn

func (q *Query) AddExclusiveStartStreamArn(arn string)

func (*Query) AddExpected

func (q *Query) AddExpected(attributes []Attribute)

func (*Query) AddExpressionAttributes

func (q *Query) AddExpressionAttributes(attributes []Attribute)

func (*Query) AddGetRequestItems

func (q *Query) AddGetRequestItems(tableKeys map[*Table][]Key)

func (*Query) AddIndex

func (q *Query) AddIndex(value string)

func (*Query) AddItem

func (q *Query) AddItem(attributes []Attribute)

The primary key must be included in attributes.

func (*Query) AddKey

func (q *Query) AddKey(t *Table, key *Key)

This way of specifing the key is used when doing a Get. If rangeKey is "", it is assumed to not want to be used

func (*Query) AddKeyConditions

func (q *Query) AddKeyConditions(comparisons []AttributeComparison)

func (*Query) AddLimit

func (q *Query) AddLimit(limit int64)

func (*Query) AddParallelScanConfiguration

func (q *Query) AddParallelScanConfiguration(segment int, totalSegments int)

func (*Query) AddReturnValues

func (q *Query) AddReturnValues(returnValues ReturnValues)

Add the ReturnValues parameter, used in UpdateItem queries.

func (*Query) AddScanFilter

func (q *Query) AddScanFilter(comparisons []AttributeComparison)




func (*Query) AddSelect

func (q *Query) AddSelect(value string)

func (*Query) AddSequenceNumber

func (q *Query) AddSequenceNumber(sequenceNumber string)

func (*Query) AddShardId

func (q *Query) AddShardId(shardId string)

func (*Query) AddShardIterator

func (q *Query) AddShardIterator(shardIterator string)

func (*Query) AddShardIteratorType

func (q *Query) AddShardIteratorType(shardIteratorType string)

func (*Query) AddStreamArn

func (q *Query) AddStreamArn(arn string)

func (*Query) AddUpdateExpression

func (q *Query) AddUpdateExpression(expression string)

Add the UpdateExpression parameter, used in UpdateItem queries.

func (*Query) AddUpdateRequestTable

func (q *Query) AddUpdateRequestTable(description TableDescriptionT)

func (*Query) AddUpdates

func (q *Query) AddUpdates(attributes []Attribute, action string)

func (*Query) AddWriteRequestItems

func (q *Query) AddWriteRequestItems(tableItems map[*Table]map[string][][]Attribute)

func (*Query) ConsistentRead

func (q *Query) ConsistentRead(c bool)

func (*Query) ScanIndexDescending

func (q *Query) ScanIndexDescending()

func (*Query) String

func (q *Query) String() string

type RecordT

type RecordT struct {
	AwsRegion    string
	EventID      string
	EventName    string
	EventSource  string
	EventVersion string
	StreamRecord *StreamRecordT

type ReturnValues

type ReturnValues string
const (
	NONE        ReturnValues = "NONE"
	ALL_OLD     ReturnValues = "ALL_HOLD"
	ALL_NEW     ReturnValues = "ALL_NEW"

type SequenceNumberRangeT

type SequenceNumberRangeT struct {
	EndingSequenceNumber   string
	StartingSequenceNumber string

type Server

type Server struct {
	Auth   aws.Auth
	Region aws.Region

func (*Server) CreateTable

func (s *Server) CreateTable(tableDescription TableDescriptionT) (string, error)

func (*Server) DeleteTable

func (s *Server) DeleteTable(tableDescription TableDescriptionT) (string, error)

func (*Server) DescribeStream

func (s *Server) DescribeStream(arn, startShardId string) (*StreamDescriptionT, error)

func (*Server) DescribeTable

func (s *Server) DescribeTable(name string) (*TableDescriptionT, error)

func (*Server) GetRecords

func (s *Server) GetRecords(shardIterator string) (string, []*RecordT, error)

func (*Server) GetShardIterator

func (s *Server) GetShardIterator(streamArn, shardId, shardIteratorType, sequenceNumber string) (string, error)

func (*Server) LimitedDescribeStream

func (s *Server) LimitedDescribeStream(arn, startShardId string, limit int64) (*StreamDescriptionT, error)

func (*Server) LimitedGetRecords

func (s *Server) LimitedGetRecords(shardIterator string, limit int64) (string, []*RecordT, error)

func (*Server) LimitedListStreams

func (s *Server) LimitedListStreams(startArn string, limit int64) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Server) LimitedListTableStreams

func (s *Server) LimitedListTableStreams(table, startArn string, limit int64) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Server) ListStreams

func (s *Server) ListStreams(startArn string) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Server) ListTableStreams

func (s *Server) ListTableStreams(table, startArn string) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Server) ListTables

func (s *Server) ListTables() ([]string, error)

func (*Server) NewStream

func (s *Server) NewStream(streamArn string) *Stream

func (*Server) NewTable

func (s *Server) NewTable(name string, key PrimaryKey) *Table

func (*Server) UpdateTable

func (s *Server) UpdateTable(tableDescription TableDescriptionT) (string, error)

type ShardT

type ShardT struct {
	ParentShardId       string
	SequenceNumberRange SequenceNumberRangeT
	ShardId             string

type Stream

type Stream struct {
	Server *Server
	Arn    string

func (*Stream) DescribeStream

func (s *Stream) DescribeStream(startShardId string) (*StreamDescriptionT, error)

func (*Stream) GetRecords

func (s *Stream) GetRecords(shardIterator string) (string, []*RecordT, error)

func (*Stream) GetShardIterator

func (s *Stream) GetShardIterator(shardId, shardIteratorType, sequenceNumber string) (string, error)

func (*Stream) LimitedDescribeStream

func (s *Stream) LimitedDescribeStream(startShardId string, limit int64) (*StreamDescriptionT, error)

func (*Stream) LimitedGetRecords

func (s *Stream) LimitedGetRecords(shardIterator string, limit int64) (string, []*RecordT, error)

type StreamDescriptionT

type StreamDescriptionT struct {
	CreationDateTime     float64
	KeySchema            []KeySchemaT
	LastEvaluatedShardId string
	Shards               []ShardT
	StreamArn            string
	StreamLabel          string
	StreamStatus         string
	StreamViewType       string
	TableName            string

type StreamListItemT

type StreamListItemT struct {
	StreamArn   string
	StreamLabel string
	TableName   string

type StreamRecordT

type StreamRecordT struct {
	Keys           map[string]*Attribute
	NewImage       map[string]*Attribute
	OldImage       map[string]*Attribute
	SequenceNumber string
	StreamViewType string
	SizeBytes      int64

type StreamSpecificationT

type StreamSpecificationT struct {
	StreamEnabled  bool
	StreamViewType string

type Table

type Table struct {
	Server *Server
	Name   string
	Key    PrimaryKey

func (*Table) AddAttributes

func (t *Table) AddAttributes(key *Key, attributes []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) BatchGetItems

func (t *Table) BatchGetItems(keys []Key) *BatchGetItem

func (*Table) BatchWriteItems

func (t *Table) BatchWriteItems(itemActions map[string][][]Attribute) *BatchWriteItem

func (*Table) ConditionalAddAttributes

func (t *Table) ConditionalAddAttributes(key *Key, attributes, expected []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) ConditionalDeleteAttributes

func (t *Table) ConditionalDeleteAttributes(key *Key, attributes, expected []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) ConditionalDeleteItem

func (t *Table) ConditionalDeleteItem(key *Key, expected []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) ConditionalPutItem

func (t *Table) ConditionalPutItem(hashKey, rangeKey string, attributes, expected []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) ConditionalUpdateAttributes

func (t *Table) ConditionalUpdateAttributes(key *Key, attributes, expected []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) CountQuery

func (t *Table) CountQuery(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison) (int64, error)

func (*Table) DeleteAttributes

func (t *Table) DeleteAttributes(key *Key, attributes []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) DeleteItem

func (t *Table) DeleteItem(key *Key) (bool, error)

func (*Table) DescribeTable

func (t *Table) DescribeTable() (*TableDescriptionT, error)

func (*Table) FetchResults

func (t *Table) FetchResults(query *Query) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) GetItem

func (t *Table) GetItem(key *Key) (map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) GetItemConsistent

func (t *Table) GetItemConsistent(key *Key, consistentRead bool) (map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) LimitedListStreams

func (t *Table) LimitedListStreams(startArn string, limit int64) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Table) LimitedQuery

func (t *Table) LimitedQuery(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, limit int64) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) LimitedQueryDescending

func (t *Table) LimitedQueryDescending(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, limit int64) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) LimitedQueryOnIndex

func (t *Table) LimitedQueryOnIndex(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, indexName string, limit int64) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) LimitedQueryOnIndexDescending

func (t *Table) LimitedQueryOnIndexDescending(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, indexName string, limit int64) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) ListStreams

func (t *Table) ListStreams(startArn string) ([]StreamListItemT, error)

func (*Table) ParallelScan

func (t *Table) ParallelScan(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, segment int, totalSegments int) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) PutItem

func (t *Table) PutItem(hashKey string, rangeKey string, attributes []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) Query

func (t *Table) Query(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) QueryOnIndex

func (t *Table) QueryOnIndex(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, indexName string) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) QueryOnIndexDescending

func (t *Table) QueryOnIndexDescending(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison, indexName string) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) Scan

func (t *Table) Scan(attributeComparisons []AttributeComparison) ([]map[string]*Attribute, error)

func (*Table) UpdateAttributes

func (t *Table) UpdateAttributes(key *Key, attributes []Attribute) (bool, error)

func (*Table) UpdateItem

func (t *Table) UpdateItem(key *Key) *UpdateItem

Construct an update item query.

The query can be composed via chaining and then executed via Execute()


update := table.UpdateItem(key)
		.UpdateExpression("SET Counter = Counter + :incr")
		.UpdateCondition("Counter < :checkVal")
		.ExpressionAttributes(NewNumberAttribute(":incr", "1"), NewNumberAttribute(":checkVal", 42))
result, err := update.Execute()
if err == nil {
	log.Printf("Counter is now %v", result.Attributes["Counter"].Value)

type TableDescriptionT

type TableDescriptionT struct {
	AttributeDefinitions   []AttributeDefinitionT
	CreationDateTime       float64
	ItemCount              int64
	KeySchema              []KeySchemaT
	GlobalSecondaryIndexes []GlobalSecondaryIndexT
	LocalSecondaryIndexes  []LocalSecondaryIndexT
	ProvisionedThroughput  ProvisionedThroughputT
	StreamSpecification    StreamSpecificationT
	TableName              string
	TableSizeBytes         int64
	TableStatus            string
	LatestStreamArn        string
	LatestStreamLabel      string

func (*TableDescriptionT) BuildPrimaryKey

func (t *TableDescriptionT) BuildPrimaryKey() (pk PrimaryKey, err error)

type UpdateItem

type UpdateItem struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*UpdateItem) ConditionExpression

func (u *UpdateItem) ConditionExpression(expression string) *UpdateItem

Specify a check condition for conditional updates.

func (*UpdateItem) Execute

func (u *UpdateItem) Execute() (*UpdateResult, error)

Execute this query.

func (*UpdateItem) ExpressionAttributes

func (u *UpdateItem) ExpressionAttributes(attributes ...Attribute) *UpdateItem

Specify attribute substitutions to be used in expressions.

func (*UpdateItem) ReturnValues

func (u *UpdateItem) ReturnValues(returnValues ReturnValues) *UpdateItem

Specify how return values are to be provided.

func (*UpdateItem) UpdateExpression

func (u *UpdateItem) UpdateExpression(expression string, attributes ...Attribute) *UpdateItem

Specify an update expression and optional attribute settings at the same time.

update.UpdateExpression("SET Foo = Foo + :incr", dynamodb.NewNumberAttribute(":incr", "7"))

is equivalent to

update.UpdateExpression("SET Foo = Foo + :incr")
      .ExpressionAttributes(NewNumberAttribute(":incr", "7"))

type UpdateResult

type UpdateResult struct {
	Attributes map[string]*Attribute