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Package paginater is a helper module for custom pagination calculation.


go get

Getting Started

The following code shows an example of how to use paginater:

package main

import ""

func main() {
	// Arguments:
	// - Total number of rows
	// - Number of rows in one page
	// - Current page number
	// - Number of page links to be displayed
	p := paginater.New(45, 10, 3, 3)

	// Then use p as a template object named "Page" in "demo.html"
	// ...


{{if not .Page.IsFirst}}[First](1){{end}}
{{if .Page.HasPrevious}}[Previous]({{.Page.Previous}}){{end}}

{{range .Page.Pages}}
	{{if eq .Num -1}}
	{{.Num}}{{if .IsCurrent}}(current){{end}}

{{if .Page.HasNext}}[Next]({{.Page.Next}}){{end}}
{{if not .Page.IsLast}}[Last]({{.Page.TotalPages}}){{end}}

Possible output:

[First](1) [Previous](2) ... 2 3(current) 4 ... [Next](4) [Last](5)

As you may guess, if the Page value is -1, you should print ... in the HTML as common practice.

Getting Help


This project is under Apache v2 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.




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type Page

type Page struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Page presents a page in the paginater.

func (*Page) IsCurrent

func (p *Page) IsCurrent() bool

func (*Page) Num

func (p *Page) Num() int

type Paginater

type Paginater struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Paginater represents a set of results of pagination calculations.

func New

func New(total, pagingNum, current, numPages int) *Paginater

New initialize a new pagination calculation and returns a Paginater as result.

func (*Paginater) Current

func (p *Paginater) Current() int

Current returns current page number.

func (*Paginater) HasNext

func (p *Paginater) HasNext() bool

HasNext returns true if there is a next page relative to current page.

func (*Paginater) HasPrevious

func (p *Paginater) HasPrevious() bool

HasPrevious returns true if there is a previous page relative to current page.

func (*Paginater) IsFirst

func (p *Paginater) IsFirst() bool

IsFirst returns true if current page is the first page.

func (*Paginater) IsLast

func (p *Paginater) IsLast() bool

IsLast returns true if current page is the last page.

func (*Paginater) Next

func (p *Paginater) Next() int

func (*Paginater) Pages

func (p *Paginater) Pages() []*Page

Pages returns a list of nearby page numbers relative to current page. If value is -1 means "..." that more pages are not showing.

func (*Paginater) PagingNum

func (p *Paginater) PagingNum() int

PagingNum returns number of page size.

func (*Paginater) Previous

func (p *Paginater) Previous() int

func (*Paginater) Total

func (p *Paginater) Total() int

Total returns number of total rows.

func (*Paginater) TotalPages

func (p *Paginater) TotalPages() int

TotalPage returns number of total pages.

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