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func AddressExpression added in v4.0.1

func AddressExpression(address string) (string, error)

AddressExpression will pack and encode an address to a script_expr

func BytesExpression added in v4.0.1

func BytesExpression(v []byte) (string, error)

BytesExpression will pack and encode bytes to a script_expr

func Encode

func Encode(branch string, contents ...rpc.Content) (string, error)

Encode forges an operation locally. GoTezos does not use the RPC or a trusted source to forge operations. All operations are supported:

- Endorsement
- Proposals
- Ballot
- SeedNonceRevelation
- DoubleEndorsementEvidence
- DoubleBakingEvidence
- ActivateAccount
- Reveal
- Transaction
- Origination
- Delegation


	The branch to forge the operation on.

	The operation contents to be formed.

func IntExpression added in v4.0.1

func IntExpression(i int) (string, error)

IntExpression will pack and encode an integer to a script_expr

func KeyHashExpression added in v4.0.1

func KeyHashExpression(hash string) (string, error)

KeyHashExpression will pack and encode a key hash to a script_expr

func MichelineExpression added in v4.0.1

func MichelineExpression(micheline string) (string, error)

MichelineExpression will pack and encode micheline to a script_expr

func NatExpression added in v4.0.1

func NatExpression(i int) (string, error)

NatExpression will pack and encode a nat to a script_expr

func StringExpression added in v4.0.1

func StringExpression(value string) (string, error)

StringExpression will pack and encode a string to a script_expr


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