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var (
	// ErrImageNotFound is raised when image is not found
	ErrImageNotFound = errors.New("provision: image not found")

	// ErrContainerNotFound is raised when image is not found
	ErrContainerNotFound = errors.New("provision: container not found")

	// ErrContainerExecutionFailed is raised if container exited with status different of zero
	ErrContainerExecutionFailed = errors.New("provision: container exited with failure")

	// Input receives a string that will be written to the stdin of the container in function FnRun
	Input string


func FnAttach

func FnAttach(client *docker.Client, containerID string, stdin io.Reader, stdout io.Writer, stderr io.Writer) (w docker.CloseWaiter, err error)

    FnAttach attach into a running container

    func FnClient

    func FnClient(endPoint, certsDir string) (client *docker.Client, err error)

      FnClient instantiate a docker client

      func FnContainer

      func FnContainer(client *docker.Client, opts ContainerOptions) (container *docker.Container, err error)

        FnContainer create container

        func FnFindContainer

        func FnFindContainer(client *docker.Client, imageName string) (container docker.APIContainers, err error)

          FnFindContainer return container by image name

          func FnFindContainerByID

          func FnFindContainerByID(client *docker.Client, ID string) (container docker.APIContainers, err error)

            FnFindContainerByID return container by ID

            func FnFindImage

            func FnFindImage(client *docker.Client, imageName string) (image docker.APIImages, err error)

              FnFindImage returns image data by name

              func FnImageBuild

              func FnImageBuild(client *docker.Client, opts *BuildOptions) (Name string, Stdout *bytes.Buffer, err error)

                FnImageBuild builds an image

                func FnKillContainer

                func FnKillContainer(client *docker.Client, containerID string) (err error)

                  FnKillContainer kill the container

                  func FnListContainers

                  func FnListContainers(client *docker.Client) (containers []docker.APIContainers, err error)

                    FnListContainers lists all the containers created by the gofn. It returns the APIContainers from the API, but have to be formatted for pretty printing

                    func FnLogs

                    func FnLogs(client *docker.Client, containerID string, stdout io.Writer, stderr io.Writer) error

                      FnLogs logs all container activity

                      func FnPull

                      func FnPull(client *docker.Client, opts *BuildOptions) (err error)

                        FnPull pull image from registry

                        func FnRemove

                        func FnRemove(client *docker.Client, containerID string) (err error)

                          FnRemove remove container

                          func FnRun

                          func FnRun(client *docker.Client, containerID, input string) (Stdout *bytes.Buffer, Stderr *bytes.Buffer, err error)

                            FnRun runs the container

                            func FnStart

                            func FnStart(client *docker.Client, containerID string) error

                              FnStart start the container

                              func FnWaitContainer

                              func FnWaitContainer(client *docker.Client, containerID string) chan error

                                FnWaitContainer wait until container finnish your processing


                                type BuildOptions

                                type BuildOptions struct {
                                	ContextDir              string
                                	Dockerfile              string
                                	DoNotUsePrefixImageName bool
                                	ImageName               string
                                	RemoteURI               string
                                	StdIN                   string
                                	Iaas                    iaas.Iaas
                                	Auth                    docker.AuthConfiguration
                                	ForcePull               bool

                                  BuildOptions are options used in the image build

                                  func (BuildOptions) GetImageName

                                  func (opts BuildOptions) GetImageName() string

                                    GetImageName sets prefix gofn when needed

                                    type ContainerOptions

                                    type ContainerOptions struct {
                                    	Cmd     []string
                                    	Volumes []string
                                    	Image   string
                                    	Env     []string
                                    	Runtime string

                                      ContainerOptions are options used in container