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var InternalServerError = errors.New("internal server error")


func IsBranchAlreadyExists added in v0.11.33

func IsBranchAlreadyExists(err error) bool

func IsEmailNotFound

func IsEmailNotFound(err error) bool

func IsEmailNotVerified

func IsEmailNotVerified(err error) bool

func IsEmptyName

func IsEmptyName(err error) bool

func IsErrBranchNotExist added in v0.11.43

func IsErrBranchNotExist(err error) bool

func IsHookTaskNotExist added in v0.11.4

func IsHookTaskNotExist(err error) bool

func IsInvalidIssueReference

func IsInvalidIssueReference(err error) bool

func IsInvalidLoginSourceType

func IsInvalidLoginSourceType(err error) bool

func IsInvalidRepoReference

func IsInvalidRepoReference(err error) bool

func IsIssueNotExist added in v0.11.4

func IsIssueNotExist(err error) bool

func IsLoginSourceMismatch added in v0.11.53

func IsLoginSourceMismatch(err error) bool

func IsLoginSourceNotActivated

func IsLoginSourceNotActivated(err error) bool

func IsLoginSourceNotExist added in v0.11.53

func IsLoginSourceNotExist(err error) bool

func IsMirrorNotExist

func IsMirrorNotExist(err error) bool

func IsReachLimitOfRepo added in v0.11.19

func IsReachLimitOfRepo(err error) bool

func IsRepoNotExist added in v0.11.4

func IsRepoNotExist(err error) bool

func IsTeamNotExist added in v0.11.79

func IsTeamNotExist(err error) bool

func IsTwoFactorNotFound added in v0.11.19

func IsTwoFactorNotFound(err error) bool

func IsTwoFactorRecoveryCodeNotFound added in v0.11.19

func IsTwoFactorRecoveryCodeNotFound(err error) bool

func IsUserNotExist added in v0.11.4

func IsUserNotExist(err error) bool

func IsUserNotKeyOwner

func IsUserNotKeyOwner(err error) bool

func IsWebhookNotExist added in v0.11.4

func IsWebhookNotExist(err error) bool

func New

func New(text string) error

New is a wrapper of real errors.New function.


type BranchAlreadyExists added in v0.11.33

type BranchAlreadyExists struct {
	Name string

func (BranchAlreadyExists) Error added in v0.11.33

func (err BranchAlreadyExists) Error() string

type EmailNotFound

type EmailNotFound struct {
	Email string

func (EmailNotFound) Error

func (err EmailNotFound) Error() string

type EmailNotVerified

type EmailNotVerified struct {
	Email string

func (EmailNotVerified) Error

func (err EmailNotVerified) Error() string

type EmptyName

type EmptyName struct{}

func (EmptyName) Error

func (err EmptyName) Error() string

type ErrBranchNotExist added in v0.11.43

type ErrBranchNotExist struct {
	Name string

func (ErrBranchNotExist) Error added in v0.11.43

func (err ErrBranchNotExist) Error() string

type HookTaskNotExist added in v0.11.4

type HookTaskNotExist struct {
	HookID int64
	UUID   string

func (HookTaskNotExist) Error added in v0.11.4

func (err HookTaskNotExist) Error() string

type InvalidIssueReference

type InvalidIssueReference struct {
	Ref string

func (InvalidIssueReference) Error

func (err InvalidIssueReference) Error() string

type InvalidLoginSourceType

type InvalidLoginSourceType struct {
	Type interface{}

func (InvalidLoginSourceType) Error

func (err InvalidLoginSourceType) Error() string

type InvalidRepoReference

type InvalidRepoReference struct {
	Ref string

func (InvalidRepoReference) Error

func (err InvalidRepoReference) Error() string

type IssueNotExist added in v0.11.4

type IssueNotExist struct {
	ID     int64
	RepoID int64
	Index  int64

func (IssueNotExist) Error added in v0.11.4

func (err IssueNotExist) Error() string

type LoginSourceMismatch added in v0.11.53

type LoginSourceMismatch struct {
	Expect int64
	Actual int64

func (LoginSourceMismatch) Error added in v0.11.53

func (err LoginSourceMismatch) Error() string

type LoginSourceNotActivated

type LoginSourceNotActivated struct {
	SourceID int64

func (LoginSourceNotActivated) Error

func (err LoginSourceNotActivated) Error() string

type LoginSourceNotExist added in v0.11.53

type LoginSourceNotExist struct {
	ID int64

func (LoginSourceNotExist) Error added in v0.11.53

func (err LoginSourceNotExist) Error() string

type MirrorNotExist

type MirrorNotExist struct {
	RepoID int64

func (MirrorNotExist) Error

func (err MirrorNotExist) Error() string

type ReachLimitOfRepo added in v0.11.19

type ReachLimitOfRepo struct {
	Limit int

func (ReachLimitOfRepo) Error added in v0.11.19

func (err ReachLimitOfRepo) Error() string

type RepoNotExist added in v0.11.4

type RepoNotExist struct {
	ID     int64
	UserID int64
	Name   string

func (RepoNotExist) Error added in v0.11.4

func (err RepoNotExist) Error() string

type TeamNotExist added in v0.11.79

type TeamNotExist struct {
	TeamID int64
	Name   string

func (TeamNotExist) Error added in v0.11.79

func (err TeamNotExist) Error() string

type TwoFactorNotFound added in v0.11.19

type TwoFactorNotFound struct {
	UserID int64

func (TwoFactorNotFound) Error added in v0.11.19

func (err TwoFactorNotFound) Error() string

type TwoFactorRecoveryCodeNotFound added in v0.11.19

type TwoFactorRecoveryCodeNotFound struct {
	Code string

func (TwoFactorRecoveryCodeNotFound) Error added in v0.11.19

type UserNotExist added in v0.11.4

type UserNotExist struct {
	UserID int64
	Name   string

func (UserNotExist) Error added in v0.11.4

func (err UserNotExist) Error() string

type UserNotKeyOwner

type UserNotKeyOwner struct {
	KeyID int64

func (UserNotKeyOwner) Error

func (err UserNotKeyOwner) Error() string

type WebhookNotExist added in v0.11.4

type WebhookNotExist struct {
	ID int64

func (WebhookNotExist) Error added in v0.11.4

func (err WebhookNotExist) Error() string

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