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type Adapter

type Adapter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Adapter implements an adapter for Docker registry. It can be used to all registries that implement the registry V2 API

func NewAdapter

func NewAdapter(reg *model.Registry) *Adapter

NewAdapter returns an instance of the Adapter

func NewAdapterWithAuthorizer

func NewAdapterWithAuthorizer(reg *model.Registry, authorizer lib.Authorizer) *Adapter

NewAdapterWithAuthorizer returns an instance of the Adapter with provided authorizer

func (*Adapter) DeleteTag

func (a *Adapter) DeleteTag(repository, tag string) error

DeleteTag isn't supported for docker registry

func (*Adapter) FetchArtifacts

func (a *Adapter) FetchArtifacts(filters []*model.Filter) ([]*model.Resource, error)

FetchArtifacts ...

func (*Adapter) HealthCheck

func (a *Adapter) HealthCheck() (model.HealthStatus, error)

HealthCheck checks health status of a registry

func (*Adapter) Info

func (a *Adapter) Info() (info *model.RegistryInfo, err error)

Info returns the basic information about the adapter

func (*Adapter) PingSimple

func (a *Adapter) PingSimple() error

PingSimple checks whether the registry is available. It checks the connectivity and certificate (if TLS enabled) only, regardless of 401/403 error.

func (*Adapter) PrepareForPush

func (a *Adapter) PrepareForPush([]*model.Resource) error

PrepareForPush does nothing

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