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Package utils contains methods to support security, cache, and webhook functions.

Package utils contains methods to support security, cache, and webhook functions.



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func GetJobServiceClient

func GetJobServiceClient() job.Client

GetJobServiceClient returns the job service client instance.

func NewRepositoryClientForUI

func NewRepositoryClientForUI(username, repository string) (*registry.Repository, error)

NewRepositoryClientForUI creates a repository client that can only be used to access the internal registry

func Retag

func Retag(srcImage, destImage *models.Image) error

Retag tags an image to another

func ScanAllImages

func ScanAllImages() error

ScanAllImages scans all images of Harbor by submiting a scan all job to jobservice, and the job handler will call API on the "core" service

func ScheduleScanAllImages

func ScheduleScanAllImages(cron string) error

ScheduleScanAllImages will schedule a scan all job based on the cron string, add append a record in admin job table.

func TriggerImageScan

func TriggerImageScan(repository string, tag string) error

TriggerImageScan triggers an image scan job on jobservice.

func WaitForManifestReady

func WaitForManifestReady(repository string, tag string, maxRetry int) bool

WaitForManifestReady implements exponential sleeep to wait until manifest is ready in registry. This is a workaround for https://github.com/docker/distribution/issues/2625

func WrapError

func WrapError(err error) error

WrapError wraps the error to the well formated error `{ "error": "The error message" }`

func WrapErrorMessage

func WrapErrorMessage(msg string) string

WrapErrorMessage wraps the error msg to the well formated error message `{ "error": "The error message" }`


type JobLogRespHandler

type JobLogRespHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JobLogRespHandler handles the response from jobservice to show the log of a job

func (JobLogRespHandler) Handle

func (h JobLogRespHandler) Handle(resp *http.Response) error

Handle will consume the response of job service and put the content of the job log in the response of the API.

type ResponseHandler

type ResponseHandler interface {
	Handle(*http.Response) error

ResponseHandler provides utility to handle http response.

func NewJobLogRespHandler

func NewJobLogRespHandler(apiHandler *api.BaseAPI) ResponseHandler

NewJobLogRespHandler ...

func NewStatusRespHandler

func NewStatusRespHandler(sc int) ResponseHandler

NewStatusRespHandler ...

type StatusRespHandler

type StatusRespHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StatusRespHandler handles the response to check if the status is expected, if not returns an error.

func (StatusRespHandler) Handle

func (s StatusRespHandler) Handle(resp *http.Response) error

Handle ...

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