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func Init

func Init() error

Init creates the GlobalController and inits it


type Controller

type Controller interface {
	Init() error
	Replicate(policyID int64, metadata[string]interface{}) error

Controller defines the methods that a replicatoin controllter should implement

var (
	GlobalController Controller

Keep controller as singleton instance

type ControllerConfig

type ControllerConfig struct {
	// The capacity of the cache storing enabled triggers
	CacheCapacity int

ControllerConfig includes related configurations required by the controller

type DefaultController

type DefaultController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultController is core module to cordinate and control the overall workflow of the replication modules.

func NewDefaultController

func NewDefaultController(cfg ControllerConfig) *DefaultController

NewDefaultController is the constructor of DefaultController.

func (*DefaultController) CreatePolicy

func (ctl *DefaultController) CreatePolicy(newPolicy models.ReplicationPolicy) (int64, error)

CreatePolicy is used to create a new policy and enable it if necessary

func (*DefaultController) GetPolicies

GetPolicies is delegation of GetPoliciemodels.ReplicationPolicy{}s of Policy.Manager

func (*DefaultController) GetPolicy

func (ctl *DefaultController) GetPolicy(policyID int64) (models.ReplicationPolicy, error)

GetPolicy is delegation of GetPolicy of Policy.Manager

func (*DefaultController) Init

func (ctl *DefaultController) Init() error

Init will initialize the controller and the sub components

func (*DefaultController) RemovePolicy

func (ctl *DefaultController) RemovePolicy(policyID int64) error

RemovePolicy will remove the specified policy and clean the related settings

func (*DefaultController) Replicate

func (ctl *DefaultController) Replicate(policyID int64, metadata[string]interface{}) error

Replicate starts one replication defined in the specified policy; Can be launched by the API layer and related triggers.

func (*DefaultController) UpdatePolicy

func (ctl *DefaultController) UpdatePolicy(updatedPolicy models.ReplicationPolicy) error

UpdatePolicy will update the policy with new content. Parameter updatedPolicy must have the ID of the updated policy.

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