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type DefaultManager

type DefaultManager struct{}

DefaultManager provides replication policy CURD capabilities.

func NewDefaultManager

func NewDefaultManager() *DefaultManager

NewDefaultManager is the constructor of DefaultManager.

func (*DefaultManager) CreatePolicy

func (m *DefaultManager) CreatePolicy(policy models.ReplicationPolicy) (int64, error)

CreatePolicy creates a new policy with the provided data; If creating failed, error will be returned; If creating succeed, ID of the new created policy will be returned.

func (*DefaultManager) GetPolicies

GetPolicies returns all the policies

func (*DefaultManager) GetPolicy

func (m *DefaultManager) GetPolicy(policyID int64) (models.ReplicationPolicy, error)

GetPolicy returns the policy with the specified ID

func (*DefaultManager) RemovePolicy

func (m *DefaultManager) RemovePolicy(policyID int64) error

RemovePolicy removes the specified policy; If removing failed, error will be returned.

func (*DefaultManager) UpdatePolicy

func (m *DefaultManager) UpdatePolicy(policy models.ReplicationPolicy) error

UpdatePolicy updates the policy; If updating failed, error will be returned.

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	GetPolicies(models.QueryParameter) (*models.ReplicationPolicyQueryResult, error)
	GetPolicy(int64) (models.ReplicationPolicy, error)
	CreatePolicy(models.ReplicationPolicy) (int64, error)
	UpdatePolicy(models.ReplicationPolicy) error
	RemovePolicy(int64) error

Manager defines the method a policy manger should implement

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