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type CommonController

type CommonController struct {

CommonController handles request from UI that doesn't expect a page, such as /SwitchLanguage /logout ...

func (*CommonController) LogOut

func (cc *CommonController) LogOut()

LogOut Habor UI

func (*CommonController) Login

func (cc *CommonController) Login()

Login handles login request from UI.

func (*CommonController) Render

func (cc *CommonController) Render() error

Render returns nil.

func (*CommonController) ResetPassword

func (cc *CommonController) ResetPassword()

ResetPassword handles request from the reset page and reset password

func (*CommonController) SendResetEmail

func (cc *CommonController) SendResetEmail()

SendResetEmail verifies the Email address and contact SMTP server to send reset password Email.

func (*CommonController) UserExists

func (cc *CommonController) UserExists()

UserExists checks if user exists when user input value in sign in form.

type ErrorController

type ErrorController struct {

ErrorController handles beego error pages

func (*ErrorController) Error404

func (ec *ErrorController) Error404()

Error404 renders the 404 page

type OIDCController added in v1.8.0

type OIDCController struct {

OIDCController handles requests for OIDC login, callback and user onboard

func (*OIDCController) Callback added in v1.8.0

func (oc *OIDCController) Callback()

Callback handles redirection from OIDC provider. It will exchange the token and kick off onboard if needed.

func (*OIDCController) Onboard added in v1.8.0

func (oc *OIDCController) Onboard()

Onboard handles the request to onboard an user authenticated via OIDC provider

func (*OIDCController) Prepare added in v1.8.0

func (oc *OIDCController) Prepare()

Prepare include public code path for call request handler of OIDCController

func (*OIDCController) RedirectLogin added in v1.8.0

func (oc *OIDCController) RedirectLogin()

RedirectLogin redirect user's browser to OIDC provider's login page

type RegistryProxy

type RegistryProxy struct {

RegistryProxy is the endpoint on UI for a reverse proxy pointing to registry

func (*RegistryProxy) Handle

func (p *RegistryProxy) Handle()

Handle is the only entrypoint for incoming requests, all requests must go through this func.

func (*RegistryProxy) Prepare added in v1.8.5

func (p *RegistryProxy) Prepare()

Prepare turn off the xsrf check for registry proxy

func (*RegistryProxy) Render

func (p *RegistryProxy) Render() error

Render ...

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