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Published: Sep 14, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


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const (
	MaxTransactionsForAddressResults = 100
	MaxApproversResults              = 100
	MaxTagResults                    = 100
	MaxBundleResults                 = 100
const (
	// MsgTypeSyncStatus is the type of the SyncStatus message.
	MsgTypeSyncStatus byte = iota
	// MsgTypeNodeStatus is the type of the NodeStatus message.
	// MsgTypeTPSMetric is the type of the transactions per second (TPS) metric message.
	// MsgTypeTipSelMetric is the type of the TipSelMetric message.
	// MsgTypeTxZeroValue is the type of the zero value Tx message.
	// MsgTypeTxValue is the type of the value Tx message.
	// MsgTypeMs is the type of the Ms message.
	// MsgTypePeerMetric is the type of the PeerMetric message.
	// MsgTypeConfirmedMsMetrics is the type of the ConfirmedMsMetrics message.
	// MsgTypeVertex is the type of the Vertex message for the visualizer.
	// MsgTypeSolidInfo is the type of the SolidInfo message for the visualizer.
	// MsgTypeConfirmedInfo is the type of the ConfirmedInfo message for the visualizer.
	// MsgTypeMilestoneInfo is the type of the MilestoneInfo message for the visualizer.
	// MsgTypeTipInfo is the type of the TipInfo message for the visualizer.
	// MsgTypeDatabaseSizeMetric is the type of the database Size message for the metrics.
	// MsgTypeDatabaseCleanupEvent is the type of the database cleanup message for the metrics.
	// MsgTypeSpamMetrics is the type of the SpamMetric message.
	// MsgTypeAvgSpamMetrics is the type of the AvgSpamMetric message.
const (
	WebsocketCmdRegister   = 0
	WebsocketCmdUnregister = 1
const (
	VisualizerIdLength = 7


var (
	// ErrInvalidParameter defines the invalid parameter error.
	ErrInvalidParameter = errors.New("invalid parameter")

	// ErrInternalError defines the internal error.
	ErrInternalError = errors.New("internal error")

	// ErrNotFound defines the not found error.
	ErrNotFound = errors.New("not found")

	// ErrForbidden defines the forbidden error.
	ErrForbidden = errors.New("forbidden")
var (
	PLUGIN = node.NewPlugin("Dashboard", node.Enabled, configure, run)

type Cache

type Cache struct {
	Size int `json:"size"`

Cache represents metrics about a cache.

type CachesMetric

type CachesMetric struct {
	RequestQueue                 Cache `json:"request_queue"`
	Approvers                    Cache `json:"approvers"`
	Bundles                      Cache `json:"bundles"`
	Milestones                   Cache `json:"milestones"`
	SpentAddresses               Cache `json:"spent_addresses"`
	Transactions                 Cache `json:"transactions"`
	IncomingTransactionWorkUnits Cache `json:"incoming_transaction_work_units"`

CachesMetric represents cache metrics.

type DBSizeMetric

type DBSizeMetric struct {
	Tangle   int64
	Snapshot int64
	Spent    int64
	Time     time.Time

DBSizeMetric represents database size metrics.

func (*DBSizeMetric) MarshalJSON

func (s *DBSizeMetric) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type ExplorerAddress

type ExplorerAddress struct {
	Balance      uint64        `json:"balance"`
	Txs          []*ExplorerTx `json:"txs"`
	Spent        bool          `json:"spent"`
	SpentEnabled bool          `json:"spent_enabled"`

type ExplorerTag

type ExplorerTag struct {
	Txs []*ExplorerTx `json:"txs"`

type ExplorerTx

type ExplorerTx struct {
	Hash                          trinary.Hash   `json:"hash"`
	SignatureMessageFragment      trinary.Trytes `json:"signature_message_fragment"`
	Address                       trinary.Hash   `json:"address"`
	Value                         int64          `json:"value"`
	ObsoleteTag                   trinary.Trytes `json:"obsolete_tag"`
	Timestamp                     uint64         `json:"timestamp"`
	CurrentIndex                  uint64         `json:"current_index"`
	LastIndex                     uint64         `json:"last_index"`
	Bundle                        trinary.Hash   `json:"bundle"`
	Trunk                         trinary.Hash   `json:"trunk"`
	Branch                        trinary.Hash   `json:"branch"`
	Tag                           trinary.Trytes `json:"tag"`
	Nonce                         trinary.Trytes `json:"nonce"`
	AttachmentTimestamp           int64          `json:"attachment_timestamp"`
	AttachmentTimestampLowerBound int64          `json:"attachment_timestamp_lower_bound"`
	AttachmentTimestampUpperBound int64          `json:"attachment_timestamp_upper_bound"`
	Confirmed                     struct {
		State       bool            `json:"state"`
		Conflicting bool            `json:"conflicting"`
		Milestone   milestone.Index `json:"milestone_index"`
	} `json:"confirmed"`
	Approvers      []string        `json:"approvers"`
	Solid          bool            `json:"solid"`
	MWM            int             `json:"mwm"`
	Previous       trinary.Hash    `json:"previous"`
	Next           trinary.Hash    `json:"next"`
	BundleComplete bool            `json:"bundle_complete"`
	IsMilestone    bool            `json:"is_milestone"`
	MilestoneIndex milestone.Index `json:"milestone_index"`

type LivefeedMilestone

type LivefeedMilestone struct {
	Hash  string          `json:"hash"`
	Index milestone.Index `json:"index"`

LivefeedMilestone represents a milestone for the livefeed.

type LivefeedTransaction

type LivefeedTransaction struct {
	Hash  string `json:"hash"`
	Value int64  `json:"value"`

LivefeedTransaction represents a transaction for the livefeed.

type MemMetrics

type MemMetrics struct {
	Sys          uint64 `json:"sys"`
	HeapSys      uint64 `json:"heap_sys"`
	HeapInuse    uint64 `json:"heap_inuse"`
	HeapIdle     uint64 `json:"heap_idle"`
	HeapReleased uint64 `json:"heap_released"`
	HeapObjects  uint64 `json:"heap_objects"`
	MSpanInuse   uint64 `json:"m_span_inuse"`
	MCacheInuse  uint64 `json:"m_cache_inuse"`
	StackSys     uint64 `json:"stack_sys"`
	NumGC        uint32 `json:"num_gc"`
	LastPauseGC  uint64 `json:"last_pause_gc"`

MemMetrics represents memory metrics.

type Msg

type Msg struct {
	Type byte        `json:"type"`
	Data interface{} `json:"data"`

Msg represents a websocket message.

type NodeStatus

type NodeStatus struct {
	SnapshotIndex          milestone.Index `json:"snapshot_index"`
	PruningIndex           milestone.Index `json:"pruning_index"`
	IsHealthy              bool            `json:"is_healthy"`
	Version                string          `json:"version"`
	LatestVersion          string          `json:"latest_version"`
	Uptime                 int64           `json:"uptime"`
	AutopeeringID          string          `json:"autopeering_id"`
	NodeAlias              string          `json:"node_alias"`
	ConnectedPeersCount    int             `json:"connected_peers_count"`
	CurrentRequestedMs     milestone.Index `json:"current_requested_ms"`
	RequestQueueQueued     int             `json:"request_queue_queued"`
	RequestQueuePending    int             `json:"request_queue_pending"`
	RequestQueueProcessing int             `json:"request_queue_processing"`
	RequestQueueAvgLatency int64           `json:"request_queue_avg_latency"`
	ServerMetrics          *ServerMetrics  `json:"server_metrics"`
	Mem                    *MemMetrics     `json:"mem"`
	Caches                 *CachesMetric   `json:"caches"`

NodeStatus represents the node status.

type PeerMetric

type PeerMetric struct {
	Identity         string                `json:"identity"`
	Alias            string                `json:"alias,omitempty"`
	OriginAddr       string                `json:"origin_addr"`
	ConnectionOrigin peer.ConnectionOrigin `json:"connection_origin"`
	ProtocolVersion  byte                  `json:"protocol_version"`
	BytesRead        uint64                `json:"bytes_read"`
	BytesWritten     uint64                `json:"bytes_written"`
	Heartbeat        *sting.Heartbeat      `json:"heartbeat"`
	Info             *peer.Info            `json:"info"`
	Connected        bool                  `json:"connected"`

PeerMetric represents metrics of a peer.

type SearchResult

type SearchResult struct {
	Tx        *ExplorerTx      `json:"tx"`
	Tag       *ExplorerTag     `json:"tag"`
	Address   *ExplorerAddress `json:"address"`
	Bundles   [][]*ExplorerTx  `json:"bundles"`
	Milestone *ExplorerTx      `json:"milestone"`

type ServerMetrics

type ServerMetrics struct {
	NumberOfAllTransactions        uint32 `json:"all_txs"`
	NumberOfNewTransactions        uint32 `json:"new_txs"`
	NumberOfKnownTransactions      uint32 `json:"known_txs"`
	NumberOfInvalidTransactions    uint32 `json:"invalid_txs"`
	NumberOfInvalidRequests        uint32 `json:"invalid_req"`
	NumberOfStaleTransactions      uint32 `json:"stale_txs"`
	NumberOfReceivedTransactionReq uint32 `json:"rec_tx_req"`
	NumberOfReceivedMilestoneReq   uint32 `json:"rec_ms_req"`
	NumberOfReceivedHeartbeats     uint32 `json:"rec_heartbeat"`
	NumberOfSentTransactions       uint32 `json:"sent_txs"`
	NumberOfSentTransactionsReq    uint32 `json:"sent_tx_req"`
	NumberOfSentMilestoneReq       uint32 `json:"sent_ms_req"`
	NumberOfSentHeartbeats         uint32 `json:"sent_heartbeat"`
	NumberOfDroppedSentPackets     uint32 `json:"dropped_sent_packets"`
	NumberOfSentSpamTxsCount       uint32 `json:"sent_spam_txs"`
	NumberOfValidatedBundles       uint32 `json:"validated_bundles"`
	NumberOfSeenSpentAddr          uint32 `json:"spent_addr"`

ServerMetrics are global metrics of the server.

type SyncStatus

type SyncStatus struct {
	LSMI milestone.Index `json:"lsmi"`
	LMI  milestone.Index `json:"lmi"`

SyncStatus represents the node sync status.

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