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var (
	FeatureRenderHooks = identity.NewPathIdentity("markup", "renderingHooks")
var NopConverter = new(nopConverter)

type AnchorNameSanitizer

type AnchorNameSanitizer interface {
	SanitizeAnchorName(s string) string

AnchorNameSanitizer tells how a converter sanitizes anchor names.

type Bytes

type Bytes []byte

Bytes holds a byte slice and implements the Result interface.

func (Bytes) Bytes

func (b Bytes) Bytes() []byte

Bytes returns itself

type Converter

type Converter interface {
	Convert(ctx RenderContext) (Result, error)
	Supports(feature identity.Identity) bool

Converter wraps the Convert method that converts some markup into another format, e.g. Markdown to HTML.

type DocumentContext

type DocumentContext struct {
	Document        interface{} // May be nil. Usually a page.Page
	DocumentID      string
	DocumentName    string
	Filename        string
	ConfigOverrides map[string]interface{}

DocumentContext holds contextual information about the document to convert.

type DocumentInfo

type DocumentInfo interface {
	AnchorSuffix() string

DocumentInfo holds additional information provided by some converters.

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	New(ctx DocumentContext) (Converter, error)
	Name() string

Provider creates converters.

func NewProvider

func NewProvider(name string, create func(ctx DocumentContext) (Converter, error)) Provider

NewProvider creates a new Provider with the given name.

type ProviderConfig

type ProviderConfig struct {
	MarkupConfig markup_config.Config

	Cfg       config.Provider // Site config
	ContentFs afero.Fs
	Logger    *loggers.Logger
	Highlight func(code, lang, optsStr string) (string, error)

ProviderConfig configures a new Provider.

type ProviderProvider

type ProviderProvider interface {
	New(cfg ProviderConfig) (Provider, error)

ProviderProvider creates converter providers.

type RenderContext

type RenderContext struct {
	Src         []byte
	RenderTOC   bool
	RenderHooks *hooks.Renderers

RenderContext holds contextual information about the content to render.

type Result

type Result interface {
	Bytes() []byte

Result represents the minimum returned from Convert.

type TableOfContentsProvider

type TableOfContentsProvider interface {
	TableOfContents() tableofcontents.Root

TableOfContentsProvider provides the content as a ToC structure.

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