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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is the client used to do PostCSS transformations.

func New

func New(rs *resources.Spec) *Client

New creates a new Client with the given specification.

func (*Client) Process

func (c *Client) Process(res resources.ResourceTransformer, options Options) (resource.Resource, error)

Process transforms the given Resource with the PostCSS processor.

type Options

type Options struct {

	// Set a custom path to look for a config file.
	Config string

	NoMap bool // Disable the default inline sourcemaps

	// Enable inlining of @import statements.
	// Does so recursively, but currently once only per file;
	// that is, it's not possible to import the same file in
	// different scopes (root, media query...)
	// Note that this import routine does not care about the CSS spec,
	// so you can have @import anywhere in the file.
	InlineImports bool

	// Options for when not using a config file
	Use         string // List of postcss plugins to use
	Parser      string //  Custom postcss parser
	Stringifier string // Custom postcss stringifier
	Syntax      string // Custom postcss syntax

Some of the options from

func DecodeOptions

func DecodeOptions(m map[string]interface{}) (opts Options, err error)

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