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Package collections contains common Hugo functionality related to collection handling.



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func Append

func Append(to any, from ...any) (any, error)

Append appends from to a slice to and returns the resulting slice. If length of from is one and the only element is a slice of same type as to, it will be appended.

func Slice

func Slice(args ...any) any

Slice returns a slice of all passed arguments.

func StringSliceToInterfaceSlice added in v0.91.0

func StringSliceToInterfaceSlice(ss []string) []any

StringSliceToInterfaceSlice converts ss to []interface{}.


type Grouper

type Grouper interface {
	Group(key any, items any) (any, error)

Grouper defines a very generic way to group items by a given key.

type Order added in v0.73.0

type Order interface {
	// Ordinal is a zero-based ordinal that represents the order of an object
	// in a collection.
	Ordinal() int

type Slicer

type Slicer interface {
	Slice(items any) (any, error)

Slicer defines a very generic way to create a typed slice. This is used in collections.Slice template func to get types such as Pages, PageGroups etc. instead of the less useful []interface{}.

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