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package loggers contains some basic logging setup.



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var (

	// FieldNameCmd is the name of the field that holds the command name.
	FieldNameCmd = reservedFieldNamePrefix + "_cmd"
	// Used to suppress statements.
	FieldNameStatementID = reservedFieldNamePrefix + "__h_field_statement_id"
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var PanicOnWarningHook = func(e *logg.Entry) error {
	if e.Level != logg.LevelWarn {
		return nil

PanicOnWarningHook panics on warnings.


func InitGlobalLogger added in v0.54.0

func InitGlobalLogger(level logg.Level, panicOnWarnings bool)

func LevelLoggerToWriter added in v0.114.0

func LevelLoggerToWriter(l logg.LevelLogger) io.Writer

func TimeTrackf added in v0.123.0

func TimeTrackf(l logg.LevelLogger, start time.Time, fields logg.Fields, format string, a ...any)

func TimeTrackfn added in v0.123.0

func TimeTrackfn(fn func() (logg.LevelLogger, error)) error


type Logger added in v0.54.0

type Logger interface {
	Debug() logg.LevelLogger
	Debugf(format string, v ...any)
	Debugln(v ...any)
	Error() logg.LevelLogger
	Errorf(format string, v ...any)
	Erroridf(id, format string, v ...any)
	Errorln(v ...any)
	Errors() string
	Info() logg.LevelLogger
	InfoCommand(command string) logg.LevelLogger
	Infof(format string, v ...any)
	Infoln(v ...any)
	Level() logg.Level
	LoggCount(logg.Level) int
	Logger() logg.Logger
	Out() io.Writer
	Printf(format string, v ...any)
	Println(v ...any)
	PrintTimerIfDelayed(start time.Time, name string)
	Warn() logg.LevelLogger
	WarnCommand(command string) logg.LevelLogger
	Warnf(format string, v ...any)
	Warnidf(id, format string, v ...any)
	Warnln(v ...any)
	Deprecatef(fail bool, format string, v ...any)
	Trace(s logg.StringFunc)

func Log added in v0.114.0

func Log() Logger

func New added in v0.114.0

func New(opts Options) Logger

New creates a new logger with the given options.

func NewDefault added in v0.114.0

func NewDefault() Logger

NewDefault creates a new logger with the default options.

func NewTrace added in v0.123.0

func NewTrace() Logger

type Options added in v0.114.0

type Options struct {
	Level              logg.Level
	Stdout             io.Writer
	Stderr             io.Writer
	DistinctLevel      logg.Level
	StoreErrors        bool
	HandlerPost        func(e *logg.Entry) error
	SuppressStatements map[string]bool

Options defines options for the logger.

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