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func GetLocation added in v0.87.0

func GetLocation(l *Language) *time.Location

func GetTranslator added in v0.87.0

func GetTranslator(l *Language) locales.Translator


type Language

type Language struct {
	Lang              string
	LanguageName      string
	LanguageDirection string
	Title             string
	Weight            int

	Disabled bool

	// If set per language, this tells Hugo that all content files without any
	// language indicator (e.g. is in this language.
	// This is usually a path relative to the working dir, but it can be an
	// absolute directory reference. It is what we get.
	ContentDir string

	// Global config.
	Cfg config.Provider

	// Language specific config.
	LocalCfg config.Provider

	// Composite config.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Language manages specific-language configuration.

func NewDefaultLanguage

func NewDefaultLanguage(cfg config.Provider) *Language

NewDefaultLanguage creates the default language for a config.Provider. If not otherwise specified the default is "en".

func NewLanguage

func NewLanguage(lang string, cfg config.Provider) *Language

NewLanguage creates a new language.

func (*Language) GetLocal

func (l *Language) GetLocal(key string) interface{}

GetLocal gets a configuration value set on language level. It will not fall back to any global value. It will return nil if a value with the given key cannot be found.

func (*Language) IsSet

func (l *Language) IsSet(key string) bool

IsSet checks whether the key is set in the language or the related config store.

func (*Language) Merge added in v0.84.0

func (l *Language) Merge(key string, value interface{})

Merge is currently not supported for Language.

func (*Language) Params

func (l *Language) Params() maps.Params

Params returns language-specific params merged with the global params.

func (*Language) Set

func (l *Language) Set(k string, v interface{})

func (*Language) SetParam

func (l *Language) SetParam(k string, v interface{})

SetParam sets a param with the given key and value. SetParam is case-insensitive.

func (*Language) String

func (l *Language) String() string

type Languages

type Languages []*Language

Languages is a sortable list of languages.

func NewLanguages

func NewLanguages(l ...*Language) Languages

NewLanguages creates a sorted list of languages. NOTE: function is currently unused.

func (Languages) AsOrdinalSet added in v0.56.0

func (l Languages) AsOrdinalSet() map[string]int

func (Languages) AsSet added in v0.56.0

func (l Languages) AsSet() map[string]bool

func (Languages) IsMultihost

func (l Languages) IsMultihost() bool

IsMultihost returns whether there are more than one language and at least one of the languages has baseURL specificed on the language level.

func (Languages) Len

func (l Languages) Len() int

func (Languages) Less

func (l Languages) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Languages) Swap

func (l Languages) Swap(i, j int)

type LanguagesConfig added in v0.56.0

type LanguagesConfig struct {
	Languages                      Languages
	Multihost                      bool
	DefaultContentLanguageInSubdir bool

func LoadLanguageSettings added in v0.56.0

func LoadLanguageSettings(cfg config.Provider, oldLangs Languages) (c LanguagesConfig, err error)


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