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Package highlight provides code highlighting.



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var DefaultConfig = Config{

	Style:              "monokai",
	LineNoStart:        1,
	CodeFences:         true,
	NoClasses:          true,
	LineNumbersInTable: true,
	TabWidth:           4,


func ApplyLegacyConfig

func ApplyLegacyConfig(cfg config.Provider, conf *Config) error

ApplyLegacyConfig applies legacy config from back when we had Pygments.

func GetCodeBlockOptions

func GetCodeBlockOptions() func(ctx hl.CodeBlockContext) []html.Option

func WritePreEnd added in v0.88.0

func WritePreEnd(w io.Writer)

func WritePreStart added in v0.88.0

func WritePreStart(w io.Writer, language, styleAttr string)


type Config

type Config struct {
	Style string

	CodeFences bool

	// Use inline CSS styles.
	NoClasses bool

	// When set, line numbers will be printed.
	LineNos            bool
	LineNumbersInTable bool

	// When set, add links to line numbers
	AnchorLineNos bool
	LineAnchors   string

	// Start the line numbers from this value (default is 1).
	LineNoStart int

	// A space separated list of line numbers, e.g. “3-8 10-20”.
	Hl_Lines string

	// TabWidth sets the number of characters for a tab. Defaults to 4.
	TabWidth int

	GuessSyntax bool

func (Config) ToHTMLOptions

func (cfg Config) ToHTMLOptions() []html.Option

type Highlighter

type Highlighter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(cfg Config) Highlighter

func (Highlighter) Highlight

func (h Highlighter) Highlight(code, lang, optsStr string) (string, error)

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