Mock GRPC client is created using this library

An example to generate mock_core.go:

cd $FEAST_REPO/cli/feast
mockgen --package mock CoreServiceClient > cmd/mock/core_service.go

We need to re-run mockgen whenever the protos for the services are updated

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    Package mock is a generated GoMock package.



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    type MockCoreServiceClient

    type MockCoreServiceClient struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      MockCoreServiceClient is a mock of CoreServiceClient interface

      func NewMockCoreServiceClient

      func NewMockCoreServiceClient(ctrl *gomock.Controller) *MockCoreServiceClient

        NewMockCoreServiceClient creates a new mock instance

        func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ApplyEntity

          ApplyEntity mocks base method

          func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ApplyFeature

            ApplyFeature mocks base method

            func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ApplyFeatureGroup

              ApplyFeatureGroup mocks base method

              func (*MockCoreServiceClient) EXPECT

                EXPECT returns an object that allows the caller to indicate expected use

                func (*MockCoreServiceClient) GetEntities

                  GetEntities mocks base method

                  func (*MockCoreServiceClient) GetFeatures

                    GetFeatures mocks base method

                    func (*MockCoreServiceClient) GetStorage

                      GetStorage mocks base method

                      func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ListEntities

                        ListEntities mocks base method

                        func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ListFeatures

                          ListFeatures mocks base method

                          func (*MockCoreServiceClient) ListStorage

                            ListStorage mocks base method

                            type MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder

                            type MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder struct {
                            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder is the mock recorder for MockCoreServiceClient

                              func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyEntity

                              func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyEntity(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                ApplyEntity indicates an expected call of ApplyEntity

                                func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyFeature

                                func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyFeature(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                  ApplyFeature indicates an expected call of ApplyFeature

                                  func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyFeatureGroup

                                  func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ApplyFeatureGroup(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                    ApplyFeatureGroup indicates an expected call of ApplyFeatureGroup

                                    func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetEntities

                                    func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetEntities(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                      GetEntities indicates an expected call of GetEntities

                                      func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetFeatures

                                      func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetFeatures(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                        GetFeatures indicates an expected call of GetFeatures

                                        func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetStorage

                                        func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) GetStorage(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                          GetStorage indicates an expected call of GetStorage

                                          func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListEntities

                                          func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListEntities(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                            ListEntities indicates an expected call of ListEntities

                                            func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListFeatures

                                            func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListFeatures(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                              ListFeatures indicates an expected call of ListFeatures

                                              func (*MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListStorage

                                              func (mr *MockCoreServiceClientMockRecorder) ListStorage(arg0, arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) *gomock.Call

                                                ListStorage indicates an expected call of ListStorage

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