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Go picture management app, because Mac Photos bricked my entire photo library upon updating to Catalina...

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See install dir for Makefiles that install official app per different OS standards.


  • simple, entirely file-based design -- no databases. just write to exif meta data on images themselves. so everything is future-proof and no lockin. (does have a .json file cache, but it can be fully regenerated from exif..)

  • sync with e.g., google drive using the drive sync thing.

  • use gimp for photo retouching, or preview

File Structure

  • Main dir: ~/Pix
  • All images live in one common directory: ~/Pix/All
  • Folders for specific albums have symbolic links to original pics in ../All/img.jpg
  • DND / Copy/Paste operations create these symlinks, except if going into the trash -- or all


  • rotate left not working! maybe just on helif?

  • add refresh from exif button

  • select-all



Package gopix is the top-level doc-only package for the GoPix app. Dirs are:

  • gpoix: main package that contains the app-specific code and generates gopix app
  • imgrid: ImgGrid widget for viewing / manipulating a grid of images
  • imgview: ImgView widget (based on gi.Bitmap) for viewing a single bitmap, with auto-scaling, scaling keys
  • picinfo: Exif-based picture Info struct -- holds picture meta-data, supports read / write of exif data.


Path Synopsis
Package picinfo provides picture file information based on exif standard
Package picinfo provides picture file information based on exif standard

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