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Badgerodon Collections

Maps and slices go a long way in Go, but sometimes you need more. This is a collection of collections that may be useful.


A [queue]( is a first-in first-out data structure.


A [set]( is an unordered collection of unique values typically used for testing membership.

Skip list

A skip list is a data structure that stores nodes in a hierarchy of linked lists. It gives performance similar to binary search trees by using a random number of forward links to skip parts of the list.

Splay Tree

A splay tree is a type of binary search tree where every access to the tree results in the tree being rearranged so that the current node gets put on top.


A [stack]( is a last-in last-out data structure.


A trie is a type of tree where each node represents one byte of a key.

Ternary Search Tree

A ternary search tree is similar to a trie in that nodes store the letters of the key, but instead of either using a list or hash at each node a binary tree is used. Ternary search trees have the performance benefits of a trie without the usual memory costs.




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func GetRange

func GetRange(c Collection, start, length int) []interface{}


type Collection

type Collection interface {
	Do(func(interface{}) bool)

type Point

type Point struct {
	X, Y int


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