The Freetype font rasterizer in the Go programming language.

To download and install from source:
$ go get

It is an incomplete port:
  * It only supports TrueType fonts, and not Type 1 fonts nor bitmap fonts.
  * It only supports the Unicode encoding.

There are also some implementation differences:
  * It uses a 26.6 fixed point co-ordinate system everywhere internally,
    as opposed to the original Freetype's mix of 26.6 (or 10.6 for 16-bit
    systems) in some places, and 24.8 in the "smooth" rasterizer.

Freetype-Go is derived from Freetype, which is written in C. Freetype is
copyright 1996-2010 David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.
Freetype-Go is copyright The Freetype-Go Authors, who are listed in the

Unless otherwise noted, the Freetype-Go source files are distributed
under the BSD-style license found in the LICENSE file.
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    The freetype package provides a convenient API to draw text onto an image. Use the freetype/raster and freetype/truetype packages for lower level control over rasterization and TrueType parsing.



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    func ParseFont

    func ParseFont(b []byte) (*truetype.Font, error)

      ParseFont just calls the Parse function from the freetype/truetype package. It is provided here so that code that imports this package doesn't need to also include the freetype/truetype package.

      func Pt

      func Pt(x, y int) fixed.Point26_6

        Pt converts from a co-ordinate pair measured in pixels to a fixed.Point26_6 co-ordinate pair measured in fixed.Int26_6 units.


        type Context

        type Context struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          A Context holds the state for drawing text in a given font and size.

          func NewContext

          func NewContext() *Context

            NewContext creates a new Context.

            func (*Context) DrawString

            func (c *Context) DrawString(s string, p fixed.Point26_6) (fixed.Point26_6, error)

              DrawString draws s at p and returns p advanced by the text extent. The text is placed so that the left edge of the em square of the first character of s and the baseline intersect at p. The majority of the affected pixels will be above and to the right of the point, but some may be below or to the left. For example, drawing a string that starts with a 'J' in an italic font may affect pixels below and left of the point.

              p is a fixed.Point26_6 and can therefore represent sub-pixel positions.

              func (*Context) PointToFixed

              func (c *Context) PointToFixed(x float64) fixed.Int26_6

                PointToFixed converts the given number of points (as in "a 12 point font") into a 26.6 fixed point number of pixels.

                func (*Context) SetClip

                func (c *Context) SetClip(clip image.Rectangle)

                  SetClip sets the clip rectangle for drawing.

                  func (*Context) SetDPI

                  func (c *Context) SetDPI(dpi float64)

                    SetDPI sets the screen resolution in dots per inch.

                    func (*Context) SetDst

                    func (c *Context) SetDst(dst draw.Image)

                      SetDst sets the destination image for draw operations.

                      func (*Context) SetFont

                      func (c *Context) SetFont(f *truetype.Font)

                        SetFont sets the font used to draw text.

                        func (*Context) SetFontSize

                        func (c *Context) SetFontSize(fontSize float64)

                          SetFontSize sets the font size in points (as in "a 12 point font").

                          func (*Context) SetHinting

                          func (c *Context) SetHinting(hinting font.Hinting)

                            SetHinting sets the hinting policy.

                            func (*Context) SetSrc

                            func (c *Context) SetSrc(src image.Image)

                              SetSrc sets the source image for draw operations. This is typically an image.Uniform.

                              Source Files


                              Path Synopsis
                              Package raster provides an anti-aliasing 2-D rasterizer.
                              Package raster provides an anti-aliasing 2-D rasterizer.
                              Package truetype provides a parser for the TTF and TTC file formats.
                              Package truetype provides a parser for the TTF and TTC file formats.