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Published: Jul 28, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


An example package with an interface.


func GrabPointer

func GrabPointer(index Index) int

func Remember

func Remember(index Index, keys []string, values []interface{})

A function that we will test that uses the above interface. It takes a list of keys and values, and puts them in the index.

type Embed

type Embed interface {

An interface with an embedded interface.

type Embedded

type Embedded interface {

type Index

type Index interface {
	Get(key string) interface{}
	GetTwo(key1, key2 string) (v1, v2 interface{})
	Put(key string, value interface{})

	// Check that imports are handled correctly.
	Summary(buf *btz.Buffer, w io.Writer)
	Other() hash.Hash
	Templates(a t1.CSS, b t2.FuncMap)

	// A method with an anonymous argument.

	// Methods using foreign types outside the standard library.

	// A method that returns a nillable type.
	NillableRet() error
	// A method that returns a non-interface type.
	ConcreteRet() chan<- bool

	// Methods with an ellipsis argument.
	Ellip(fmt string, args ...interface{})

	// A method with a pointer argument that we will set.
	Ptr(arg *int)

	// A method with a slice argument and an array return.
	Slice(a []int, b []byte) [3]int

	// A method with channel arguments.
	Chan(a chan int, b chan<- hash.Hash)

	// A method with a function argument.
	Func(f func(http.Request) (int, bool))

	// A method with a map argument.
	Map(a map[int]hash.Hash)

	// Methods with an unnamed empty struct argument.
	Struct(a struct{})          // not so likely
	StructChan(a chan struct{}) // a bit more common

A bizarre interface to test corner cases in mockgen. This would normally be in its own file or package, separate from the user of it (e.g. io.Reader).

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