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const (
	MaxIdleConnections int = 20
	RequestTimeout     int = 300


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var AIPort = "8002"

AIPort designates the port for the AI processing

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var DataFolder = "."


func AnalyzeSensorData

func AnalyzeSensorData(s models.SensorData) (aidata models.LocationAnalysis, err error)

func Calibrate

func Calibrate(family string, crossValidation ...bool) (err error)

Calibrate will send the sensor data for a specific family to the machine learning algorithms

func Debug

func Debug(debugMode bool)

func Dump

func Dump(family string) (err error)

func GetByLocation

func GetByLocation(family string, minutesAgoInt int, showRandomized bool, activeMinsThreshold int, minScanners int, minProbability float64) (byLocations []models.ByLocation, err error)

func SavePrediction

func SavePrediction(s models.SensorData, p models.LocationAnalysis) (err error)

SavePrediction will add sensor data to the database

func SaveSensorData

func SaveSensorData(p models.SensorData) (err error)

SaveSensorData will add sensor data to the database


type AnalysisResponse

type AnalysisResponse struct {
	Data    models.LocationAnalysis `json:"analysis"`
	Message string                  `json:"message"`
	Success bool                    `json:"success"`

type Pair

type Pair struct {
	Key   string
	Value float64

type PairList

type PairList []Pair

func (PairList) Len

func (p PairList) Len() int

func (PairList) Less

func (p PairList) Less(i, j int) bool

func (PairList) Swap

func (p PairList) Swap(i, j int)

type UpdateCounterMap

type UpdateCounterMap struct {
	// Data maps family -> counts of locations
	Count map[string]int

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