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package router

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Published: Jul 11, 2018 | License: LGPL-3.0 | Module:


func ClustersRoutes

func ClustersRoutes() chi.Router

ClustersRoutes cds GET /v1/clusters/(string: service_cluster)/(string: service_node)

func DisconverRoutes

func DisconverRoutes() chi.Router

DisconverRoutes 发现服务api

func ListenersRoutes

func ListenersRoutes() chi.Router

ListenersRoutes listeners routes lds GET /v1/listeners/(string: service_cluster)/(string: service_node)

func RegistrationRoutes

func RegistrationRoutes() chi.Router

RegistrationRoutes sds GET /v1/registration/(string: service_name)

func Routers

func Routers(mode string) *chi.Mux

Routers 路由

func RoutesRouters

func RoutesRouters() chi.Router

RoutesRouters rds GET /v1/routes/(string: route_config_name)/(string: service_cluster)/(string: service_node)

func SourcesRoutes

func SourcesRoutes() chi.Router

SourcesRoutes SourcesRoutes GET /v1/sources/(string: tenant_id)/(string: source_alias)/(string: env_name)

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