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package validation

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Published: Apr 16, 2020 | License: LGPL-3.0 | Module:


func IsDomainNotIP

func IsDomainNotIP(address string) bool

IsDomainNotIP check address is domain but not is ip

func SplitEndpointAddress

func SplitEndpointAddress(resourceAddress string) (address string)

SplitEndpointAddress split URL to domain or IP

func ValidateDomain

func ValidateDomain(domain string) []string

ValidateDomain tests that the argument is a valid domain.

func ValidateEndpointAddress

func ValidateEndpointAddress(address string) []string

ValidateEndpointAddress tests that the argument is a valid endpoint address.

func ValidateEndpointIP

func ValidateEndpointIP(ipAddress string) []string

ValidateEndpointIP tests that the argument is a valid IP address.

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