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Package prober

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type Prober

type Prober interface {
	GetServiceHealthy(serviceName string) (*v1.HealthStatus, bool)
	WatchServiceHealthy(serviceName string) Watcher
	CloseWatch(serviceName string, id string) error
	AddServices(in []*v1.Service)
	CheckIfExist(in *v1.Service) bool
	GetServices() []*v1.Service
	GetServiceHealth() map[string]*v1.HealthStatus
	SetAndUpdateServices([]*v1.Service) error
	AddAndUpdateServices([]*v1.Service) error
	UpdateServiceProbe(service *v1.Service)
	UpdateServicesProbe(services []*v1.Service)
	Stop() error
	DisableWatcher(serviceName, watcherID string)
	EnableWatcher(serviceName, watcherID string)
	GetProbe(name string) probe.Probe
	StopProbes(names []string)

Prober Prober

func NewProber

func NewProber(ctx context.Context, cancel context.CancelFunc) Prober

NewProber creates a new prober.

type Watcher

type Watcher interface {
	GetID() string
	GetServiceName() string
	Watch() <-chan *v1.HealthStatus
	Close() error

Watcher watcher

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