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Published: Aug 26, 2019 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 18 Imported by: 1,221



Provides Filesystem Stats



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const (
	LabelSystemRoot   = "root"
	LabelDockerImages = "docker-images"
	LabelRktImages    = "rkt-images"
	LabelCrioImages   = "crio-images"


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var ErrNoSuchDevice = errors.New("cadvisor: no such device")

ErrNoSuchDevice is the error indicating the requested device does not exist.


This section is empty.


type Context

type Context struct {
	// docker root directory.
	Docker  DockerContext
	RktPath string
	Crio    CrioContext

type CrioContext added in v0.27.1

type CrioContext struct {
	Root string

type DeviceInfo

type DeviceInfo struct {
	Device string
	Major  uint
	Minor  uint

type DiskStats

type DiskStats struct {
	ReadsCompleted  uint64
	ReadsMerged     uint64
	SectorsRead     uint64
	ReadTime        uint64
	WritesCompleted uint64
	WritesMerged    uint64
	SectorsWritten  uint64
	WriteTime       uint64
	IoInProgress    uint64
	IoTime          uint64
	WeightedIoTime  uint64

type DockerContext added in v0.23.0

type DockerContext struct {
	Root         string
	Driver       string
	DriverStatus map[string]string

type Fs

type Fs struct {
	Type       FsType
	Capacity   uint64
	Free       uint64
	Available  uint64
	Inodes     *uint64
	InodesFree *uint64
	DiskStats  DiskStats

type FsInfo

type FsInfo interface {
	// Returns capacity and free space, in bytes, of all the ext2, ext3, ext4 filesystems on the host.
	GetGlobalFsInfo() ([]Fs, error)

	// Returns capacity and free space, in bytes, of the set of mounts passed.
	GetFsInfoForPath(mountSet map[string]struct{}) ([]Fs, error)

	// GetDirUsage returns a usage information for 'dir'.
	GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

	// GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID returns the information of the device with the
	// specified filesystem uuid. If no such device exists, this function will
	// return the ErrNoSuchDevice error.
	GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID(uuid string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

	// Returns the block device info of the filesystem on which 'dir' resides.
	GetDirFsDevice(dir string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

	// Returns the device name associated with a particular label.
	GetDeviceForLabel(label string) (string, error)

	// Returns all labels associated with a particular device name.
	GetLabelsForDevice(device string) ([]string, error)

	// Returns the mountpoint associated with a particular device.
	GetMountpointForDevice(device string) (string, error)

func NewFsInfo

func NewFsInfo(context Context) (FsInfo, error)

type FsType added in v0.22.0

type FsType string
const (
	ZFS          FsType = "zfs"
	DeviceMapper FsType = "devicemapper"
	VFS          FsType = "vfs"

func (FsType) String added in v0.22.0

func (ft FsType) String() string

type RealFsInfo

type RealFsInfo struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDeviceForLabel

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetDeviceForLabel(label string) (string, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID added in v0.27.0

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetDeviceInfoByFsUUID(uuid string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDirFsDevice

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetDirFsDevice(dir string) (*DeviceInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetDirUsage

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetFsInfoForPath

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetFsInfoForPath(mountSet map[string]struct{}) ([]Fs, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetGlobalFsInfo

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetGlobalFsInfo() ([]Fs, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetLabelsForDevice

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetLabelsForDevice(device string) ([]string, error)

func (*RealFsInfo) GetMountpointForDevice

func (self *RealFsInfo) GetMountpointForDevice(dev string) (string, error)

type UsageInfo added in v0.33.0

type UsageInfo struct {
	Bytes  uint64
	Inodes uint64

func GetDirUsage added in v0.33.0

func GetDirUsage(dir string) (UsageInfo, error)

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