Package database is a database interface to federation in.



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type FederationInDB

type FederationInDB struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(db *database.DB) *FederationInDB

func (*FederationInDB) AddFederationInQuery

func (db *FederationInDB) AddFederationInQuery(ctx context.Context, q *model.FederationInQuery) error

AddFederationInQuery adds a FederationInQuery entity. It will overwrite a query with matching q.queryID if it exists.

func (*FederationInDB) GetFederationInQuery

func (db *FederationInDB) GetFederationInQuery(ctx context.Context, queryID string) (*model.FederationInQuery, error)

GetFederationInQuery returns a query for given queryID. If not found, ErrNotFound will be returned.

func (*FederationInDB) GetFederationInSync

func (db *FederationInDB) GetFederationInSync(ctx context.Context, syncID int64) (*model.FederationInSync, error)

GetFederationInSync returns a federation sync record for given syncID. If not found, ErrNotFound will be returned.

func (*FederationInDB) Lock

func (db *FederationInDB) Lock(ctx context.Context, lockID string, ttl time.Duration) (database.UnlockFn, error)

Lock acquires lock with given name that times out after ttl. Returns an UnlockFn that can be used to unlock the lock. ErrAlreadyLocked will be returned if there is already a lock in use.

func (*FederationInDB) StartFederationInSync

func (db *FederationInDB) StartFederationInSync(ctx context.Context, q *model.FederationInQuery, started time.Time) (int64, FinalizeSyncFn, error)

StartFederationInSync stores a historical record of a query sync starting. It returns a FederationInSync key, and a FinalizeSyncFn that must be invoked to finalize the historical record.

type FinalizeSyncFn

type FinalizeSyncFn func(state *federation.FetchState, q *model.FederationInQuery, totalInserted int) error

FinalizeSyncFn is used to finalize a historical sync record.

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