Package model is a model abstraction of federation in.



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    type FederationInQuery

    type FederationInQuery struct {
    	QueryID             string
    	ServerAddr          string
    	Audience            string
    	IncludeRegions      []string
    	ExcludeRegions      []string
    	OnlyLocalProvenance bool
    	OnlyTravelers       bool
    	// FetchState items.
    	LastTimestamp        time.Time
    	LastCursor           string
    	LastRevisedTimestamp time.Time
    	LastRevisedCursor    string

      FederationInQuery represents a configuration to pull federation results from other servers.

      func (*FederationInQuery) FetchState

      func (q *FederationInQuery) FetchState() *federation.FetchState

        FetchState returns the federation fetch state based on query state.

        func (*FederationInQuery) UpdateFetchState

        func (q *FederationInQuery) UpdateFetchState(fs *federation.FetchState)

          UpdateFetchState updates the query state based on the fetch state returned from a federation pull.

          type FederationInSync

          type FederationInSync struct {
          	SyncID              int64
          	QueryID             string
          	Started             time.Time
          	Completed           time.Time
          	Insertions          int
          	MaxTimestamp        time.Time
          	MaxRevisedTimestamp time.Time

            FederationInSync is the result of a federation query pulled from other servers.

            type FederationOutAuthorization

            type FederationOutAuthorization struct {
            	Issuer  string
            	Subject string
            	// Audience is optional, but will be validated against the OIDC token if provided.
            	Audience       string
            	Note           string
            	IncludeRegions []string
            	ExcludeRegions []string

              FederationOutAuthorization is an authorized client that reads federation data from this server.