Package federationin handles pulling data from other federation servers.

    Package federationin contains OpenCensus metrics and views for federationin operations



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    const (
    	// DefaultAudience is the default OIDC audience.
    	DefaultAudience = "https://exposure-notifications-server/federation"


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    var (
    	// ValidAudienceStr is the regexp string of a valid audience string.
    	ValidAudienceStr = `\Ahttps://.*\z`
    	// ValidAudienceRegexp is the compiled regexp of a valid audience string.
    	ValidAudienceRegexp = regexp.MustCompile(ValidAudienceStr)
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    var (
    	ErrInvalidReportType = errors.New("invalid report type")


    This section is empty.


    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Database              database.Config
    	SecretManager         secrets.Config
    	ObservabilityExporter observability.Config
    	Port                         string        `env:"PORT, default=8080"`
    	Timeout                      time.Duration `env:"RPC_TIMEOUT, default=10m"`
    	TruncateWindow               time.Duration `env:"TRUNCATE_WINDOW, default=1h"`
    	MaxIntervalAge               time.Duration `env:"MAX_INTERVAL_AGE_ON_PUBLISH, default=360h"`
    	MaxMagnitudeSymptomOnsetDays uint          `env:"MAX_SYMPTOM_ONSET_DAYS, default=14"`
    	// Flags for local development and testing. This will cause still valid keys
    	// to not be embargoed.
    	// Normally "still valid" keys can be accepted, but are embargoed.
    	ReleaseSameDayKeys bool `env:"DEBUG_RELEASE_SAME_DAY_KEYS"`
    	// TLSSkipVerify, if set to true, causes the server certificate to not be
    	// verified. This is typically used when testing locally with self-signed
    	// certificates.
    	TLSSkipVerify bool `env:"TLS_SKIP_VERIFY"`
    	// TLSCertFile points to an optional cert file that will be appended to the
    	// system certificates.
    	TLSCertFile string `env:"TLS_CERT_FILE"`
    	// CredentialsFile points to a JSON credentials file. If running on Managed
    	// Cloud Run, or if using $GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS, leave this value
    	// empty.
    	CredentialsFile string `env:"CREDENTIALS_FILE"`
    	// Sync configuration.
    	// If accepted, both self report and recursive will be sent as clinical,
    	// otherwise they will be dropped.
    	AcceptSelfReport bool `env:"ACCEPT_SELF_REPORT, default=false"`
    	AcceptRecursive  bool `env:"ACCEPT_RECURSIVE, default=false"`

      Config is the configuration for federation-pull components (data pulled from other servers).

      func (*Config) DatabaseConfig

      func (c *Config) DatabaseConfig() *database.Config

      func (*Config) ObservabilityExporterConfig

      func (c *Config) ObservabilityExporterConfig() *observability.Config

      func (*Config) SecretManagerConfig

      func (c *Config) SecretManagerConfig() *secrets.Config

      type Server

      type Server struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func NewServer

      func NewServer(cfg *Config, env *serverenv.ServerEnv) (*Server, error)

      func (*Server) Routes

      func (s *Server) Routes(ctx context.Context) *mux.Router


      Path Synopsis
      Package database is a database interface to federation in.
      Package database is a database interface to federation in.
      Package model is a model abstraction of federation in.
      Package model is a model abstraction of federation in.