Package serverenv defines common parameters for the sever environment.



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    type ExporterFunc

    type ExporterFunc func(context.Context) metrics.Exporter

      ExporterFunc defines a factory function for creating a context aware metrics exporter.

      type Option

      type Option func(*ServerEnv) *ServerEnv

        Option defines function types to modify the ServerEnv on creation.

        func WithAuthorizedAppProvider

        func WithAuthorizedAppProvider(p authorizedapp.Provider) Option

          WithAuthorizedAppProvider installs a provider for an authorized app.

          func WithBlobStorage

          func WithBlobStorage(sto storage.Blobstore) Option

            WithBlobStorage creates an Option to install a specific Blob storage system.

            func WithDatabase

            func WithDatabase(db *database.DB) Option

              WithDatabase attached a database to the environment.

              func WithKeyManager

              func WithKeyManager(km keys.KeyManager) Option

                WithKeyManager creates an Option to install a specific KeyManager to use for signing requests.

                func WithMetricsExporter

                func WithMetricsExporter(f metrics.ExporterFromContext) Option

                  WithMetricsExporter creates an Option to install a different metrics exporter.

                  func WithObservabilityExporter

                  func WithObservabilityExporter(oe observability.Exporter) Option

                    WithObservabilityExporter creates an Option to install a specific observability exporter system.

                    func WithSecretManager

                    func WithSecretManager(sm secrets.SecretManager) Option

                      WithSecretManager creates an Option to install a specific secret manager to use.

                      type ServerEnv

                      type ServerEnv struct {
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        ServerEnv represents latent environment configuration for servers in this application.

                        func New

                        func New(ctx context.Context, opts ...Option) *ServerEnv

                          New creates a new ServerEnv with the requested options.

                          func (*ServerEnv) AuthorizedAppProvider

                          func (s *ServerEnv) AuthorizedAppProvider() authorizedapp.Provider

                          func (*ServerEnv) Blobstore

                          func (s *ServerEnv) Blobstore() storage.Blobstore

                          func (*ServerEnv) Close

                          func (s *ServerEnv) Close(ctx context.Context) error

                            Close shuts down the server env, closing database connections, etc.

                            func (*ServerEnv) Database

                            func (s *ServerEnv) Database() *database.DB

                            func (*ServerEnv) GetKeyManager

                            func (s *ServerEnv) GetKeyManager() keys.KeyManager

                            func (*ServerEnv) GetSignerForKey

                            func (s *ServerEnv) GetSignerForKey(ctx context.Context, keyName string) (crypto.Signer, error)

                              GetSignerForKey returns the crypto.Singer implementation to use based on the installed KeyManager. If there is no KeyManager installed, this returns an error.

                              func (*ServerEnv) KeyManager

                              func (s *ServerEnv) KeyManager() keys.KeyManager

                              func (*ServerEnv) MetricsExporter

                              func (s *ServerEnv) MetricsExporter(ctx context.Context) metrics.Exporter

                                MetricsExporter returns a context appropriate metrics exporter.

                                func (*ServerEnv) ObservabilityExporter

                                func (s *ServerEnv) ObservabilityExporter() observability.Exporter

                                func (*ServerEnv) SecretManager

                                func (s *ServerEnv) SecretManager() secrets.SecretManager

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