Package setup provides common logic for configuring the various services.



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    func Setup

    func Setup(ctx context.Context, config interface{}) (*serverenv.ServerEnv, error)

      Setup runs common initialization code for all servers. See SetupWith.

      func SetupWith

      func SetupWith(ctx context.Context, config interface{}, l envconfig.Lookuper) (*serverenv.ServerEnv, error)

        SetupWith processes the given configuration using envconfig. It is responsible for establishing database connections, resolving secrets, and accessing app configs. The provided interface must implement the various interfaces.


        type AuthorizedAppConfigProvider

        type AuthorizedAppConfigProvider interface {
        	AuthorizedAppConfig() *authorizedapp.Config

          AuthorizedAppConfigProvider signals that the config provided knows how to configure authorized apps.

          type BlobstoreConfigProvider

          type BlobstoreConfigProvider interface {
          	BlobstoreConfig() *storage.Config

            BlobstoreConfigProvider provides the information about current storage configuration.

            type DatabaseConfigProvider

            type DatabaseConfigProvider interface {
            	DatabaseConfig() *database.Config

              DatabaseConfigProvider ensures that the environment config can provide a DB config. All binaries in this application connect to the database via the same method.

              type KeyManagerConfigProvider

              type KeyManagerConfigProvider interface {
              	KeyManagerConfig() *keys.Config

                KeyManagerConfigProvider is a marker interface indicating the key manager should be installed.

                type ObservabilityExporterConfigProvider

                type ObservabilityExporterConfigProvider interface {
                	ObservabilityExporterConfig() *observability.Config

                  ObservabilityExporterConfigProvider signals that the config knows how to configure an observability exporter.

                  type SecretManagerConfigProvider

                  type SecretManagerConfigProvider interface {
                  	SecretManagerConfig() *secrets.Config

                    SecretManagerConfigProvider signals that the config knows how to configure a secret manager.

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