Package lcmdefrag contains a defragmenter for LCM messages.



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    type LCMDefragmenter

    type LCMDefragmenter struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      LCMDefragmenter supports defragmentation of LCM messages.


      func NewLCMDefragmenter

      func NewLCMDefragmenter() *LCMDefragmenter

        NewLCMDefragmenter returns a new LCMDefragmenter.

        func (*LCMDefragmenter) Defrag

        func (ld *LCMDefragmenter) Defrag(in *layers.LCM) (out *layers.LCM, err error)

          Defrag takes a reference to an LCM packet and processes it. In case the packet does not need to be defragmented, it immediately returns the as in passed reference. In case in was the last missing fragment, out will be the defragmented packet. If in was a fragment, but we are awaiting more, out will be set to nil. In the case that in was nil, we will just run the internal cleanup of the defragmenter that times out packages. If an error was encountered during defragmentation, out will also be nil, while err will contain further information on the failure.

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