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Package gobindclient contains a gobind friendly implementation of a KeyTransparency Client able to make GetUser requests to a KT server and verify the soundness of the responses.



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var (

	// Vlog is the verbose logger. By default it outputs to stderr (logcat on Android), but other destination can be
	// added through the AddVerboseLogsDestination method.
	Vlog = log.New(multiLogWriter, "", log.LstdFlags)


func AddKtServer

func AddKtServer(ktURL string, insecureTLS bool, ktTLSCertPEM []byte) error

AddKtServer creates a new grpc client to handle connections to the ktURL server and adds it to the global map of clients.

func AddVerboseLogsDestination

func AddVerboseLogsDestination(writer LogWriter)

AddVerboseLogsDestination instructs the logger of the gobindclient package to also write all log statements to the provided writer.

func GetUser

func GetUser(ktURL, userID string) ([]byte, error)

GetUser retrieves an entry from the ktURL server and verifies the soundness of the corresponding proofs.

func SetTimeout

func SetTimeout(ms int32)

SetTimeout sets the timeout (in milliseconds) used for all rpc network requests.


type LogWriter

type LogWriter interface {
	Write(p []byte) (n int, err error)

LogWriter is a local copy of the io.Writer interface which can be implemented in Java. Used to redirect logs.

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