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PublisherSet provides a handler with a real HTTPMessageReceiver and a PubSub client.


func NewPubSubTopic added in v0.16.0

func NewPubSubTopic(ctx context.Context, client *pubsub.Client, topicID TopicID) *pubsub.Topic

NewPubSubTopic provides a pubsub topic from a PubSub client.


type HttpMessageReceiver added in v0.16.0

type HttpMessageReceiver interface {
	StartListen(ctx context.Context, handler nethttp.Handler) error

HttpMessageReceiver is an interface to listen on http requests.

type PubSubPublisher added in v0.16.0

type PubSubPublisher interface {
	Publish(ctx context.Context, event cev2.Event) protocol.Result

PubSubPublisher is an interface to publish events to a pubsub topic.

type Publisher

type Publisher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Publisher receives HTTP events and sends them to Pubsub.

func NewPublisher added in v0.16.0

func NewPublisher(ctx context.Context, inbound HttpMessageReceiver, topic *pubsub.Topic, authType authcheck.AuthType) *Publisher

NewPublisher creates a new publisher.

func (*Publisher) Publish added in v0.16.0

func (p *Publisher) Publish(ctx context.Context, event *cev2.Event) protocol.Result

Publish publishes an incoming event to a pubsub topic.

func (*Publisher) ServeHTTP added in v0.16.0

func (p *Publisher) ServeHTTP(response nethttp.ResponseWriter, request *nethttp.Request)

ServeHTTP implements net/http Publisher interface method. 1. Performs basic validation of the request. 2. Converts the request to an event. 3. Sends the event to pubsub.

func (*Publisher) Start

func (p *Publisher) Start(ctx context.Context) error

Start blocks to receive events over HTTP.

type TopicID added in v0.16.0

type TopicID string

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