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type Manager

type Manager struct {
	Domain string

	Connected  time.Time
	Added      int
	Deleted    int
	New        int
	SentRepros int
	RecvRepros int
	Calls      map[string]struct{}
	Corpus     *db.DB
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager represents one syz-manager instance.

type State

type State struct {
	Corpus   *db.DB
	Repros   *db.DB
	Managers map[string]*Manager
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

State holds all internal syz-hub state including corpus, reproducers and information about managers. It is persisted to and can be restored from a directory.

func Make

func Make(dir string) (*State, error)

Make creates State and initializes it from dir.

func (*State) AddRepro

func (st *State) AddRepro(name string, repro []byte) error

func (*State) Connect

func (st *State) Connect(name, domain string, fresh bool, calls []string, corpus [][]byte) error

func (*State) Flush

func (st *State) Flush()

func (*State) PendingRepro

func (st *State) PendingRepro(name string) ([]byte, error)

func (*State) Sync

func (st *State) Sync(name string, add [][]byte, del []string) (string, []rpctype.HubInput, int, error)

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