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Published: Jan 25, 2016 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 3



Package jsre provides execution environment for JavaScript.



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type JSRE

type JSRE struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JSRE is a generic JS runtime environment embedding the otto JS interpreter. It provides some helper functions to - load code from files - run code snippets - require libraries - bind native go objects

func New

func New(assetPath string) *JSRE

runtime must be stopped with Stop() after use and cannot be used after stopping

func (*JSRE) Bind

func (self *JSRE) Bind(name string, v interface{}) error

Bind assigns value v to a variable in the JS environment This method is deprecated, use Set.

func (*JSRE) Compile

func (self *JSRE) Compile(filename string, src interface{}) (err error)

Compile compiles and then runs a piece of JS code.

func (*JSRE) EvalAndPrettyPrint

func (self *JSRE) EvalAndPrettyPrint(code string) (err error)

EvalAndPrettyPrint evaluates code and pretty prints the result to standard output.

func (*JSRE) Exec

func (self *JSRE) Exec(file string) error

Exec(file) loads and runs the contents of a file if a relative path is given, the jsre's assetPath is used

func (*JSRE) Get

func (self *JSRE) Get(ns string) (v otto.Value, err error)

Get returns the value of a variable in the JS environment.

func (*JSRE) Run

func (self *JSRE) Run(code string) (v otto.Value, err error)

Run runs a piece of JS code.

func (*JSRE) Set

func (self *JSRE) Set(ns string, v interface{}) (err error)

Set assigns value v to a variable in the JS environment.

func (*JSRE) Stop

func (self *JSRE) Stop(waitForCallbacks bool)

stops the event loop before exit, optionally waits for all timers to expire

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