Building examples

Vecty fully supports two major Go <-> Web compilers thanks to its minimal dependencies:

  • Go 1.14+ WebAssembly support
  • GopherJS (Go to JavaScript transpiler)

If you are just getting started, we suggest using the Go 1.14+ WebAssembly support.

Go 1.14+ WebAssembly support

Ensure you are running Go 1.14 or higher. Vecty requires Go 1.14+ as it makes use of improvements to the syscall/js package which are not present in earlier versions of Go.

Running examples

The easiest way to run the examples as WebAssembly is via wasmserve.

Install it (using Go 1.14+):

go get -u

Then run an example:

cd markdown/

And navigate to http://localhost:8080/


Running examples

Install GopherJS then run an example:

cd markdown
gopherjs serve

And navigate to http://localhost:8080/

TinyGo WebAssembly support

TinyGo WebAssembly support is being actively worked on.

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    Package example exists as an empty Go module containing all Vecty example dependencies.

    It is done such that example dependencies do not end up in downstream go.mod files for users who are just importing Vecty alone.

    Source Files


    Path Synopsis
    Package storeutil contains a ListenerRegistry type.
    Package storeutil contains a ListenerRegistry type.