Package auth implements the authentication in use for gophish.



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    const APIKeyLength = 32

      APIKeyLength is the length of Gophish API keys

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      const MinPasswordLength = 8

        MinPasswordLength is the minimum number of characters required in a password


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        var ErrEmptyPassword = errors.New("No password provided")

          ErrEmptyPassword is thrown when a user provides a blank password to the register or change password functions

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          var ErrInvalidPassword = errors.New("Invalid Password")

            ErrInvalidPassword is thrown when a user provides an incorrect password.

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            var ErrPasswordMismatch = errors.New("Passwords do not match")

              ErrPasswordMismatch is thrown when a user provides a mismatching password and confirmation password.

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              var ErrPasswordTooShort = fmt.Errorf("Password must be at least %d characters", MinPasswordLength)

                ErrPasswordTooShort is thrown when a user provides a password that is less than MinPasswordLength

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                var ErrReusedPassword = errors.New("Cannot reuse existing password")

                  ErrReusedPassword is thrown when a user attempts to change their password to the existing password


                  func CheckPasswordPolicy

                  func CheckPasswordPolicy(password string) error

                    CheckPasswordPolicy ensures the provided password is valid according to our password policy.

                    The current password policy is simply a minimum of 8 characters, though this may change in the future (see #1538).

                    func GeneratePasswordHash

                    func GeneratePasswordHash(password string) (string, error)

                      GeneratePasswordHash returns the bcrypt hash for the provided password using the default bcrypt cost.

                      func GenerateSecureKey

                      func GenerateSecureKey(n int) string

                        GenerateSecureKey returns the hex representation of key generated from n random bytes

                        func ValidatePassword

                        func ValidatePassword(password string, hash string) error

                          ValidatePassword validates that the provided password matches the provided bcrypt hash.

                          func ValidatePasswordChange

                          func ValidatePasswordChange(currentHash, newPassword, confirmPassword string) (string, error)

                            ValidatePasswordChange validates that the new password matches the configured password policy, that the new password and confirmation password match.

                            Note that this assumes the current password has been confirmed by the caller.

                            If all of the provided data is valid, then the hash of the new password is returned.


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